Watch The Good Place And You Won't Regret It

If You're Not Watching 'The Good Place,' You're Motherforking Missing Out On Some Great Comedy

With its constant cliff-hangers, "The Good Place" is bound to have you at the edge of your seat at the end of every episode!


Usually, I like to watch shows that are finished and all episodes are binge-able on Netflix or Hulu. But, over the summer, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon "The Good Place." Not often do we agree on a show to watch that we think we both will enjoy, but wow did we love watching that first season! Within the last month (or two), they just uploaded the second season and they ended with another cliffhanger.

I'm not sure if I would necessarily say it is a family-safe comedy, but it is extremely light-hearted. I love shows that can make me laugh but also have a good storyline to follow.

Some of the lessons are extremely valuable, such as, "What do we owe each other?" Some may say we absolutely owe each other nothing, others may say that we owe each other the same kindness that is shown to us.

There's also the idea of being a good person for no reason rather than just being a genuinely good person. The characters all have their flaws but are very loveable in their own ways.

The twists and turns leading up to the third season are what has gotten me super excited for the season premiere!

Moreover, one of the characters, Jason Mendoza is a Jacksonvillian, and I have never seen any show satirize Jacksonville like "The Good Place" has. I absolutely love it because they also joke about the Jacksonville Jaguars being terrible (but we did not do that terribly last season, so the simulation could possibly be broken). Also, his infamous, "BORTLES!" call is a great meme/reaction for us when our quarterback does well.

Plus, Ted Danson is a legendary actor and plays an immortal being who also has his worries and can be pretty relatable as well -considering he also had an existential crisis like many people I know have.

There are no bounds for my love for this show and I just hope that more people watch it. That is all.

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