Why You Should Be Watching 'The Bold Type'

I started watching "The Bold Type" when it first premiered and instantly resonated with all three of the main characters. Sutton Brady (the aspiring fashion designer), Kat Edison (the social media manager for Scarlett), and Jane Sloan (a writer for Scarlett).

Scarlett is a fictional magazine very similar to Cosmopolitan. The show discusses very real issues in a relatable manner. Kat begins a relationship with Adena, a Muslim woman, and they discuss topics such as comfort zones in sex and being bisexual. At one point in their relationship, they have an open relationship. Sutton and Jane fight about having a gun in their apartment. Sutton is pro-gun while Jane in anti-gun and they talk about school shootings and gun policies, and are able to find a middle ground. Jane faces the pain she felt when her mother dies of breast cancer, while writing an article about breast cancer.

Season three is as great as the other two seasons and opens more discussions. Kat is running as a councilwoman and is dating her campaign manager. Jane and Jacqueline Carlyle, the editor-in-chief of Scarlett, embark on writing a news story on a famous photographer who mentally and emotionally abuses the models for the shoots. Sutton is chasing her dreams of being a designer as well as some obstacles that come with dating someone fifteen years older.

I want to focus my attention on Kat because she is my favorite character and I love her relationship with Tia, her campaign manager. Adena and Kat were super cute, but I prefer Tia. Moreover, Tia grounds Kat and directs her to other issues that need focus. They are on the same page emotionally and find a way to separate work and pleasure. Adena was in a way Kat's first love. They had beautiful moments and worked through hard events, but I believe that Tia is good for Kat.

The show itself is very progressive and tries to incorporate issues that are occurring in real life, and that affect women on a daily basis.

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