Your Next Netflix Binge-Watch: Marvel's 'Jessica Jones'
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Your Next Netflix Binge-Watch: Marvel's 'Jessica Jones'

Your Next Netflix Binge-Watch: Marvel's 'Jessica Jones'

Last week we were on Thanksgiving break, so naturally I was looking for a new show to binge-watch. From the get-go, I knew the new Netflix series, Marvel’s "Jessica Jones," was going to be worthwhile. The intro is reminiscent of a Maltese Falcon-esque noir that submerges the viewer in the gritty darkness of Jessica’s world. While I love everything Marvel, the previews for this show had me hesitant because of how graphic and twisted it is portrayed. But, after watching a few episodes, I began to see how the show is a unique experience from other MCU TV recreations.

Jessica Jones (played by the amazing Krysten Ritter) is the main character of the show, obviously. But she’s far from the typical Captain America, doer of good superhero that Marvel usually gives you. She’s not noble or seeking to save the world, she just wants to be safe and have the people she loves to be safe too. Many have cited the show’s greatness as largely due to being the first Marvel series with a female lead, and while that is groundbreaking, to say the least, it is stellar on so many other levels.

Some basic plot without too many spoilers: Jessica was orphaned in an accident that gave her powers. She has super strength and the ability to fly/leap great distances and works in the city as a P.I. The show takes place after some of the events from her comics when she was a classic superhero with the tight costume and crew of other Avenger-types. Her past is incredibly troubled, to say the least. Another “gifted” human named Kilgrave (played by David Tennant) used his power of mind control to bend Jessica’s will to his own and made her his personal slave. She manages to escape from his grasp during another tragic accident in which she believes he is killed, but the show reveals that he was not. Thus, the plot of season 1 revolves around Kilgrave’s obsession with Jessica and her attempts to get rid of him once and for all.

The show deals with intense issues that are not suited for younger audiences but are important and gripping nonetheless. Kilgrave’s manipulation of Jessica with his powers is very clearly defined as rape in the show. She did not give her consent of her free will, but Kilgrave does not see it that way. Because of his powers of coercion, his life has also been extremely difficult not being able to tell whether people want to be around him or do the things he says because they are under his supernatural influence. The show never explicitly shows scenes of rape, but it doesn’t need to because the impact of it is what is essential to understand. Kilgrave is the reason Jessica drinks so heavily and pushes people away, not allowing even those she cares about to get too close to her. She has PTSD from her time with him and struggles to remain in control of her emotions and thoughts because he has so deeply ruined her life. While Jessica has powers, she is still human and can suffer as any person who has suffered this kind of trauma would.


"Jessica Jones" is not your basic showdown between good and evil. The lines blur and much of what Jessica and other characters do take place in a morally gray area. Even though the premise of the show is about superheroes, what you will see is humanity at its core. I urge you to take a look at this new, deeply powerful and riveting series available on Netflix now.

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