There are various distinguishing differences between Washington, D.C. and New York, which causes them to meet head-to-head. Even nature in New York, like the classic Central Park, would probably put D.C.'s greenery to shame. Although, New York has its own grand culture, it cannot level up to the quirky aspects of Washington, D.C. However, one must keep in mind that these two destinations are completely separate. It won't do it any justice to compare one to the other because both have their fair share of greatness.

But for entertainment's sake, here is why Washington D.C. is better.

1. It's less crowded.

The District's population is significantly less than that of New York.

2. The atmosphere is more laid back.

Well, any American city compared to New York, would seem more relaxing, but D.C. takes the cake. For instance, people are more organized as they walk on the sidewalks.

3. You will appreciate the art scene.

From performances on stage at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts or at the 9:30 Club, to the art displayed in galleries like the Smithsonian Museums, the art scene here is candy for the eyes and ears. The District's art scene is definitely unique that belongs to it and it only.

4. Food dining isn't as expensive.

You might find yourself paying a fraction less of what you could be spending on food in New York. In addition to that, the D.C. food truck culture is quite the experience. You do not want to skip out on that!

5. It's cleaner.

The District's contrasting cleanliness to New York makes it seem like a spotless haven.

6. Transportation is better.

The transportation on the D.C. metro compared to New York's subway system might be quite similar, but accessibility in the District is less of a hassle. It is even better if you prefer to ride your bicycle to work. The metro is also architecturally appealing. It's almost as if you were entering into the future.

7. Cost of living is less expensive.

Living in either places can be expensive to most people, but D.C. beats New York on this one by a long shot.

8. Free museums.

Who can decline going to a museum and to one that is free? The museums in this area is every history lovers dream. They are all walking distance to one another, so why not visit them all while you are here? Granted, with the amount of stories and exhibits contained in one, it would be impossible to leisurely walk through and enjoy the visit in a day.

9. The weather isn't as extreme.

Temperatures are not as extreme as the weather in New York.

10. There isn't as much pressure when attempting to raise a family here.

Raising children may seem more possible here than in New York where living expenses such as rent and quality of education factor into the struggle.

11. The president lives here.

Enough said.