10 Things That Are Actually Warmer Than A Midwest Winter

Sometimes it just really sucks growing up in a perfect state like Colorado because everywhere you move just can't compare. In my case, choosing to attend a college in Omaha, Nebraska has had it's ups and downs. Everyone here is so incredibly kind, and I found out ~Midwestern hospitality~ is a thing. Chili and cinnamon rolls is also a thing out here, but no judgement there because us Coloradans dip our pizza crust in honey (don't knock it till ya try it!).

But I'm sorry -- the Midwest is just WAY too cold in the winter time. Like yeah, Colorado is cold too but it's different. And to the people who say "Well you're from Colorado you should be used to the cold." Y'all need to stop because Midwest cold is bone-chilling cold. I'm not going to get super science-y, but humidity makes things colder and a ridiculous amount of sweatshirts, a parka, hats, gloves, wool socks, and boots can't make up for how freezing it is. I'm convinced that the following things are warmer than winter in the Midwest.

1. Ice

2. A Dairy Queen blizzard

3. Your day-old, cold pizza

4. Ice Cube

5. Your freezer

6. Antarctica

7. Frostbite

8. Bigfoot with no hair

9. A McDonald's french fry you found between your car seats from 3 months ago

10. An ice-cold Smirnoff Ice

Haha, gotcha.

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