Warmer weather means it's time to put away the thick sweaters and scarves for lighter and more colorful clothing. Springtime can be tricky to style because the weather fluctuates between cool, windy days and warm and humid ones. When the warmer days finally start in your area, designate a few hours over the weekend to put away all the thick sweater you have and maybe even some of your darker clothes. Hang up clothes with lighter colors and fabrics to really get into the spring feel.

I recommend keeping a couple of pairs of jeans on hand for cool and rainy days. For these days, you can pair a light or medium wash denim with a thin fleece top. I have this really cute maroon top that is super soft with ruffles off the shoulders that is perfect with my ripped light wash jeans. I complete this look with a nice tan pair of suede ankle boots. If you prefer, you can switch the boots out for a pair of Converse or even flats.

On a particularly warm day, if dresses are your thing, pull out a nice flowy dress and add accessories to compliment it. Make sure you throw on a jacket in case it gets chilly later on in the day. I love carrying around a denim jacket in the springtime because it provides the perfect amount of warmth without being too stuffy.

For accessories, I love big hoops with little charms hanging off. They go with everything and just add another element of shine to your look. I have a small necklace with an "A" pendant attached, because my name is Aaliya, and I always have it around my neck with my silver jewelry. It makes any outfit seem just a little bit more put together.

My last tip for spring weather is to keep thing loose and flowy. I feel that we spend more time moving around outdoors as the weather is nicer. Loose and flowy clothing allows us to comfortably move around while still looking put together.