Upon first glance, this place doesn't have much going for it. Hell, upon many glances you might still think that. The approximate five streets and worn-down houses make you believe that this town doesn't come from or lead anywhere. It's a loophole and all its citizens are stuck in time with it, but perhaps that's part of its appeal.

Walking through the streets, you hear almost nothing except the blaring of trains that pass through the middle of town every seven-ish minutes. Other than that maybe the birds chirp and you hear the occasional traffic from the main road in the distance. Suddenly you can't even remember the hustle and bustle of the city, but you don't miss it, not in the slightest. Silence has more personality than noise ever will. The quiet carries stories and histories in every breeze.

Sometimes the phrase "everyone knows everyone," gets over-used, but not here. Everyone knows the kid who rides their bike around the same block every day, the mayor who will also pump your gas, and the science teacher who's been around since your parents were in high-school. You probably know people better than they know themselves. Here you know people, not just acquaint yourself with them. Their secrets are public knowledge and newspaper material.

Your walk through town is just like all the other walks you've made through it. Walking from school or to a friend's house who also happened to be your third cousin. Because growing up here, you didn't have to be afraid of wandering. No crook or corner feels scary or unfamiliar. You know the shortcut down every ally, and which yards you can cut through. You know every crack in the sidewalk and the history of every building. You know which trees change an array of colors in the fall. You know the neighbors of your neighbors. This small, rural town is so knowledgeable.

It's not all good though you know. The timelessness of your town can cause so much fear and panic. Its comfort wants to entrap you, but you want to see more of the world, more than just fields and white men. Sometimes you think you'll never escape the town's charm. It's tricky loving something so intoxicating, but you take a deep breath of fresh air and know you wouldn't want to call any other place home.