Poetry On Odyssey: A Walk Home At Night

Poetry On Odyssey: A Walk Home At Night

Have you ever noticed the change from day to night?


Gone the dreary day,
the sun starts to fade
and the colors of orange
change into something blue.

The mighty moon
fights to be high in the sky
with its bright beam reflecting on the surface.

The night lurks with silence following.
But occasionally the wind whispers
“Have a safe walk home.”

Street lamps,
all lined in a row,
fading off into the existence
turns on to light the way,

Houses on the street,
all brightly lit.
Well all
except one
where no one is missed.

Walk in the door to an empty house,
and be greeted by a creature
you know somehow.

The day was a dread,
the night is a bliss.
Now we go to sleep
and then we go on

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