For all the guys and girls out there so eager to get into a relationship...wait. Don’t try to rush into anything, just for the sake of updating your relationship status and letting the world know you have a SO. You are a miracle. You are a blessing to this world, and anyone who doesn’t treat you as one doesn’t deserve you. So, wait for the right person, because they are out there patiently waiting to meet you.

Wait for the person whose fingers interlace perfectly with yours, because they were made for each other.

Wait for the person who notices your dimples or that freckle on your shoulder, and absolutely loves it.

Wait for the person who will stay up late with you just talking about life.

For the one who will sing at the top of their lungs with you on long car rides.

For the one who doesn’t care that you haven’t brushed your teeth yet after just waking up, and will kiss you anyways.

Wait for the person who is always there when you need them, no matter what time it is or for whatever reason.

For someone who builds you up, not one who brings you down.

For the person you would truly want to meet your family.

For the person who is your number one fan and is proud of all of your achievements.

Wait for the person that you could see yourself getting a dog with.

For the one that will tell you the truth, every single time.

Wait for the person who will re-watch a tv series with you, just to see your reaction.

Wait for the person who makes you the best you that you can be.

Wait for them because you deserve nothing less.