30 Things To Do While You Wait For Summer

When the weather is bad it's easy to fall into the trap of sulking around your room, waiting for better days to come. Instead of wasting your time dreaming about summer, do these 30 things to pass the time.

1. Change your sheets

2. Floss

3. Take a shower

4. Take a nap

5. Put on your most expensive lotion

6. Put on a facemask

7. Organize your room

8. Listen to an educational podcast

9. Make a tie blanket

10. Make a Video Star music video with your friends

11. Re-read your favorite childhood book

12. Memorize every line of "Bee Movie" starring Jerry Seinfeld

13. Take up photography

14. Put on your favorite outfit

15. Paint your nails

16. Write down 10 self-affirmations

17. Direct message your favorite Jonas Brother-- just to see how they’re doing

18. Draw something without thinking

19. Start a scrapbook

20. Bake a birthday cake

21. Write a letter

22. Binge watch old Disney Channel original movies

23. Do yoga

24. Make friendship bracelets

25. Make a slime Instagram account

26. Make a Spotify playlist for each of your friends

27. Watch Vine compilations and reminisce

28. Start dissecting your childhood

29. Take another nap

30. Curse Punxsutawney Phil under your breath

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