9 Reasons Your Dog Wants To Come To Wagglebottoms Doggy Day Care
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9 Reasons Your Dog Wants To Come To Wagglebottoms Doggy Day Care

These bottoms don’t lie!

9 Reasons Your Dog Wants To Come To Wagglebottoms Doggy Day Care
Lexi Hammond

Humans are busy people and can’t always stay with their companion animals throughout the day. This doesn’t mean you have to worry about coming home to a destroyed house and a distressed or lonely dog.

When you drop your furry baby off at Wagglebottoms, their day will be just as eventful as yours was. There isn’t only one reason that the dogs love it here!

1. They make friends!

Playgroups are carefully picked at Wagglebottoms to assure that the dogs play well together and none of the dogs are at risk. With the dogs being around each other often at Wagglebottoms, they get to develop friendships and see each other again and again when they come back to daycare.

2. They are pampered like they deserve to be!

Wagglebottoms offers many grooming services to treat your pup including cuts, bathing and even puppy pedicures! The dogs love to prance around and show off their shiny coats once they’ve been cleaned.

3. They are treated like family!

The Wagglebottoms staff is made up of people who love animals and love to care for them. Your dog is sure to receive all the pets, rubs and scratches they could want. The staff develops relationships with the dogs in their care, getting to know them well and learning their behaviors and little quirks. We treat your pups how we treat our own!

4. They make memories!

At Wagglebottoms, there are constantly cute dogs doing cute things and happy dogs having fun. This means that there is always a camera within reach. Not only do the pups make memories, but they are captured for you to enjoy too.

5. They get to use up all that extra energy!

Dogs have so much energy, it’s like Redbull flows through their veins. Although it can be cute, it can also be not so cute when they tear things up. Dogs that spend a day at Wagglebottoms have spent most of their day outside, playing and running with other pups and getting that energy out.

6. Playgroups are picked with care!

Many dog owners may worry about sending their companion animal to a daycare due to how the other dogs may behave. At Wagglebottoms, playgroups are picked carefully based on not only the size and temperament of the dogs but how well they socialize with other animals, and they always have an eye kept on them by a doggy daycare supervisor.

7. Sleepovers aren’t a problem!

Dog boarding services at Wagglebottoms help pup parents sleep at night on vacation or trips out of town knowing their baby will be fed, groomed and given attention and care. You can even send them with belongings, specific food or anything you think they may want or need while they are here.

8. They get fed the good stuff!

When you first walk into Wagglebottoms there is a variety of collars, leashes, harnesses, food, treats and other retail items for your dog. All the food that you find will be either grain free or contain healthy grains, and will include the stuff dogs want, not their byproducts because nothing is better than a dog that is happy and healthy.

9. They have a place to be a dog!

At home, they may do some typical dog things that you wished they wouldn’t, like dig a hole in your yard or chew up something that wasn’t meant for them to chew. At Wagglebottoms, a hole in the yard is nothing. Inside the fence, the pups can play as much as they want all day with no consequences.

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