We live in a century where being emotionally raw, being vulnerable, and having all of our emotions on our sleeves a weakness. Where we have to act like we are perfectly okay and act all happy because we care about what society thinks about us and we care about our image. We want to seem strong because in the real world if someone senses weakness we have the fear that they will walk all over us. I am here to tell you something; being vulnerable is NOT a weakness.

I have always had the hard time being open and vulnerable but that is simply because I had a fear of being left once that person I am opening up to sees who I really am because I'll be honest with you now i have A LOT of ugly baggage. Yeah we all have baggage and they say that the person who stays with you after you dump all of your baggage on them truly loves and cares for you. Yes, I agree with that BUT it is never fun being open with someone and then learning that they no longer want to be part of your life. That hurts more than having lemon juice being squeezed on a paper cut. But, I recently learned that sometimes being open and raw and vulnerable with someone is perfectly okay.

Someone once told me that it is okay to be vulnerable and open because if only one person in the relationship is vulnerable and willing to be open but the other person is not willing then it is a waste of time for both parties. Yes being vulnerable is 100% scary but it is also worth it in the end. If you are comfortable with that person and you want to see the relationship progress then why shouldn't you open up? You won't be able to see how much a person truly cares for you until you show them your heart. Now, I am not saying to tell them all of your secrets at once or show them who you are immediately; but if they are sharing something with you then you should share something with them too. If you are feeling upset about a situation and need someone to talk to; why not talk to them. Being open and vulnerable is simple as telling them about how crappy your day at work was. You shouldn't have to be upset on your own or feel scared to be who you are with them.

Now, this situation can be about your significant other but it can also be about being vulnerable with your friends. True friends will be there for you through everything. Two of my close friends who are part of my life now; I met them in August. I was scared to tell them about my past because they have been such great friends to me when I was healing; I was scared that they would leave me. In the end I showed them my heart and not just part of my heart; I showed them ALL of it. I shared my ugly tears with them as I was pouring everything out to them and little did I know; they stayed by my side and comforted me. They reassured me that it is okay to be vulnerable. it is okay to be honest about your past. But the most important part was that I may have been scared and thought I was weak to open up; it not only made our friendship stronger but me stronger too.

It is OKAY to be vulnerable with people. It is OKAY to let people in. Yes there is a 50/50 chance that you will get hurt and like Peyton Sawyer once said "People always leave" but sometimes people don't leave. The people who are meant to be in your life and meant to support and love you will stay by your side. They will accept you for who you are. Past, present, and future you. They will affirm you and celebrate the small victories with you. So be vulnerable. Be open. I promise you that it's not a weakness, but a strength that everyone should have.