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In the midst of a global pandemic, a climate and ecological emergency, an economic crisis, and the birth of a modern-day civil rights movement—this election is more important than ever. Yet, despite all of these fundamental ideals that make up our existence as a humanity, some people still believe it does not matter if they vote this November.

A common opposition I hear when it comes to voting in the upcoming election is, "I do not like either candidate; therefor, why would I vote?" And this simple statement right here is an outward expression of your extreme privilege.

Voting is a privilege itself—but the ability to not care enough to do so, is a whole other kind of privilege most people in America do not have. By saying you are not voting, it is basically saying whatever happens in the upcoming election does not affect you, therefor; it does not matter. But this is where you are wrong. It does matter. In the upcoming 2020 election, Wisconsin is considered the "tipping point" state, meaning the voter turnout in Wisconsin is more important now than it ever has been before.

There has never been an election where every single U.S. citizen has been completely happy with their candidate of choice—so, what is the difference now? Many people did not like Obama, Bush, or Clinton before him, yet people still voted because it mattered then, and it matters now. Just because you do not like either candidate, it does not mean you should not vote. Educate yourself. Continue to grow. Continue to learn. Look at the policies each candidate is advocating for and decide which candidate your views best align with. If you have any opinions on anything that is happening in our world today, it is important that your voice is heard. Not voting is still a vote—so use that vote to make a difference.

Although this seems to be a problem every election year, the thing that baffles me most about people not caring enough to vote this November is as Marquette students, majority of us are from either Chicago or Milwaukee suburbs—two of the most segregated cities in America. If this election does not matter to you (although it should), it most definitely matters to your neighbors. To your community. To your family. To your friends. To the place you grew up in. It matters to the city you claim to care so much about. It matters to every single black person in this country. If you do not want to vote for yourself—do it for all the people who are risking their lives every single day to fight for change. Vote as if your life is on the line. Because for many—it is. So, show up. Turn out. Vote. You may not want to, but you have a moral obligation to do so. Fight for what you believe is right.

As Greta Thunberg once said, "It is now time for civil disobedience. It is time to rebel."

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