My Dark Volcano Poem from when I was 11

I wrote a dark poem about volcanoes 8 years ago

What was I thinking? Let's find out.


I have always had a problem throwing things out. When the end of a school year came and I had mountains of graded papers and assignments, I would just shove them into my desk and leave them there until I opened the drawer again the next year to put even more trash in there. After cleaning my room before I left for college, I found all of the trash that I should have thrown out, but instead of just doing it, I looked through the work, mostly to laugh at how easy it seems now when then I thought it was difficult. I came across a very poor drawing of a volcano with a poem written inside of the mountain. I passed it off to my friend, Will, to show how my drawing skills might have actually decreased over time. Will laughed at that and then he read the poem, expecting it to be simple writings about how cool a volcano erupting looks, but instead read a darker story about the devastation volcanoes can cause. I don't remember if I knew about the volcano that destroyed Pompeii at the time because it was 8 years ago and I was 11 years old, but if I didn't, then I accidentally wrote a poem about it. Anyways, here it is:

Here's the picture of the volcanovia My iPhone

Bursting flames and fumes out of its head,
The beast has awoken once again.
Red-hot water bathing our streets, cleansing our whole world.
An eruption of sadness in my heart watching the volcano destroy all we have worked for,
leaving nothing but some of our lives.
Chaos spreading like a plague, infecting everyone it touches.
How could this happen?

Seeing the silent mountain explode with life,
destroying all of the things we cherish.
I can feel their pain, and I think why would this happen?
We are all God's children, why would he do this?

I have to go there to help those in need,
I can help rebuild, and help adjust.
I can be there to make them feel cared about
I can pray...

The religious themes of the poem come from the fact that I went to Catholic grade school, shout out Prince of Peace in Plano. I guess even at a young age, I was curious about why suffering occurred while God was all powerful and therefore able to prevent it. Since then, I've had many explanations that God allows this to happen because God loves us and wants us to have free will, and I still haven't decided if I accept that answer. Another thing that I noticed is that I refer to God as "he," which now I have consciously stopped doing. When giving God a human pronoun, we are reducing a supposedly all powerful being to a human, which would be disrespectful should God exist.

The real reason that I like this poem is that it was the first time I did something in English class that I was proud of. As background, in grade school I was good at most things except for writing. I despised writing. Since that time though, my love for writing and reading has grown exponentially, and I believe that this poem is in large part to thank for that. It marks a pivotal moment in my life. Also, it marks one of the first times that I saw how destructive and dangerous explosions can be, while when I was younger I saw them simply as a spectacle.

The main reason that I really appreciate this poem is the last stanza, although I would make one small change. I love the fact that I listed all of the proactive things I could do to help this fictional town that was ravaged by this seemingly "silent mountain." If I could go back, I would move the last line of the poem to the beginning of the last stanza. I would do this because, throughout the poem, I doubted God's efficacy to help or save those who worship God, and having the last line laud the power of prayer seems to counter that point. If I put it at the beginning, then the message of the poem would be about taking action to make the world a better place, instead of relying on faith. This would go against the modern day message of "thoughts and prayers" that many people share after a tragedy and promptly forget about the awful thing that happened. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty easy to take action AND also pray, but having prayer anchor the end of this poem seems dishonest to what I think the message is.

I wish I could go back in time and talk to the young kid who wrote that, discuss the meaning of the poem and simply interact with that version of myself. Sadly, I know that's impossible, but at least I can appreciate this piece of work for the pivotal role it played in my life.

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10 Things From The 2000s To Put You In Your Feels And Transport You Back To Your Middle School Days

Writing this article just took me back to 2007.


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1. Tamagotchi

Anyone else obsessed with this weird egg thing? Not even sure what the point of this game was, but I distinctly remember always forgetting to feed the little creature thing inside. Apparently, you can buy one on Amazon for $38!!! Steep!

2. Nintendogs

Oh my GOD. I was so obsessed with my little puppy on Nintendogs and I would spend all day petting it on my Nintendo DS. How did they manage to make them look so cute?

3. Video Now

My sister and I would legit never put our Video Nows down. We would watch different episodes of Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls 100 times each. I guess this was like the iPad before its time.

4. Lisa Frank

Who else stans Lisa Frank??? Where is she today? Is she still stuntin on everyone somewhere? I swear I got my fashion inspo today because of my childhood with Lisa.

5. Tankinis

Pretty sure I owned this exact suit.

Ok. Tankinis (specifically from Justice and Limited Too) were my absolute saving grace during my fat years from age 8-12. Like, one pieces hadn't had their comeback yet, so what was a chunky girl supposed to do?

6. Gauchos

Why does this girl have to stunt on everyone so hard?

Another absolute fashion staple. Gauchos. Once again, from one of the two designer brands back in the day, Limited Too or Justice. I'm pretty sure I had about 3 pairs of these.

7. Bratz

If you weren't obsessed with Bratz, who were you? And now with the Bratz challenge sweeping Instagram and YouTube, I'm feeling super senti about my girl Yasmin. You can also buy her on Amazon and honestly, I would pay more than $40 to be reunited with her again.

8. Phitens

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9. Curl Mousse

DID ANYONE ELSE PUT ABOUT A POUND OF THIS IN THEIR HAIR DAILY??? I'm shook. I would legit put about 5 pumps in my hair straight out of the shower and then just scrunch the shit out of it until I was the most beautiful chola queen.

10. iPod Nano

There was never a day where I did not have this in my hand. And I was not begging my dad to let me buy more songs on iTunes. 7th and 8th grade I just had to "Take You Down" by Chris Brown blasting on my iPod Nano constantly, which, now that I think about it, was pretty inappropriate. But I turned out pretty ok!

I had so much fun writing this article, thinking of all the things that stood out from my childhood and formed me into the person I am today. Who knows a fun tankini and a brown gaucho would create such a fashionista???

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