Voice For Elephants

Voice For Elephants

Elephants are poached every day for their tusks and considered "trophies," It's time to change that, not go back.

Normally, I stay quiet in anything regarding politics or my personal political opinion. I never try to post on social media about our President in a negative manner. And you will never know where I stand on those terms. I was raised to respect those in service. Troops, Law Enforcement, the President running our country even if no one else does, and I still do. But this subject, I just can not stay silent. I am disgusted. Outraged.

Lifting a ban on “trophies” of elephant tusks is absolutely horrendous. Elephants are gentle and beautiful majestic animals. We are blessed to have such a magnificent animal on this earth. I still can not believe to this day, that Elephants are still being hunted for their tusks. Not their tusks, but the ivory that their tusks are made out of.

Elephants are dangerously endangered. Every day we lose more and more Elephants due to poaching. One day there will be no more, and will you regret it then? And now OUR President wants to lift the ban on them? NO. It is not right. WE all come from the Animal kingdom. Would you like to be hunted and claimed as a “trophy”? Like your life was worthless, just something to be placed on a shelf or be sold for a disgusting profit.

Elephants don’t have a voice in this. What if you didn’t? You wouldn’t like it, would you? I like having a say in my life. Career choices, where I go on my free time, what I do with my life. How about you?

We have to be the VOICE for the Elephants and all animals who are be hunted as “trophies”. I urge everyone to think about this. Speak up.

Working at Disney’s Animal Kingdom taught me a lot about these animals. Especially the elephants. It was my favorite thing to talk about with guests, the Disney Conservation Fund. I encouraged many guests to donate and often donated myself when I could to help save these animals. Now, even though I have since left Disney and returned home to focus on my career, I will never stop being a voice for these animals. I encourage everyone to stand with me. Raise awareness. Donate if you can to a conservation fund. If you are traveling to Walt Disney World, ask an Animal Kingdom Cast Member about donating. Research it, they will take any amount. Every penny counts. And Disney will match your donation 100%. Together, we can save the Elephants and more endangered animals. Above all else, be a VOICE.

Elephant’s tusks are being hunted still. The lifting of the ban has since been on hold pending further reviewing as I read. But it only lifts the ban so that US Sport Hunting will be allowed in the African countries. Poaching is still happening regardless of the US. I encourage everyone to take a stand. What if we stopped buying IVORY? The want and need of IVORY goes down, that may help stop poaching of Elephants. I know there is still A LOT of work to do. But everything counts. I hope everyone, including those with power, will think of the Elephants and all of the endangered animals and what impact we have on them and this beautiful world.

I do not mean to offend. Or state against our President, as I don’t really know all of the story, only what is being released. I am merely voicing my opinion on this matter and standing up for the Elephants. Thank you.

Cover Image Credit: Missy Hargrove

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Cover Image Credit: skeeze on CC0 Creative Commons

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Bama Students, Take A Hike! The 10 Best Hiking Places In Alabama

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Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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