My Love Letter To Morocco, The Place That Feels Like Home
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My Love Letter To Morocco, The Place That Feels Like Home

How can I put my feelings into words?

My Love Letter To Morocco, The Place That Feels Like Home
Addie Huthwaite

There is no way to describe Morocco.

The culture, food, people and experience need adjectives that do not exist in any language. Throughout my life, I have had this desire to travel the entire world but Morocco changed that. Normally, I finish one trip and start thinking of where to venture to next, but there is nowhere else I want to go before I can see Morocco again.

Morocco has changed me in the best way. But this change has made it impossible for me to be truly happy in the US. There will always be a part of me missing and the only way I can be whole again is if I go back home to Morocco.

How do you explain this feeling?

It feels like I lived in Morocco in my past life. As soon as I landed in Casablanca I felt like I could breathe for the first time, like my life had just begun. My heart felt whole and it seemed like everything else disappeared. I wasn’t counting down the days until I left because it felt like we were there for years, for a lifetime. I forgot that this wasn’t actually my home and that I would have to say goodbye.

How do you explain the smells of spices and the craziness of markets to someone who has never experienced it?

Sure, you could shove turmeric in their faces but it isn’t the same. Markets in Morocco are filled with too many spices to count and aromas that you cannot describe. But the feeling of being in a Moroccan market is even harder to explain. Your heart is racing and your mind is tirelessly trying to make sense of everything your eyes are seeing. With 9,000 streets to wander down, there are endless things to explore and see. There are so many smiling children and hard workers everywhere and it is like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.

While most Moroccans speak some English, there is still a language barrier but I totally forgot about it. For example, our bus driver did not know any English, but during the breaking of the fast during Ramadan, he shared his food and a smile with me. We did not need to exchange words because sharing a meal gave us a very special connection. Another instance was in the hammam which is a public bathhouse. I was completely naked in a steam room of naked strangers, but I felt completely comfortable. One girl around my age was helping to show me the proper way to scrub and wash.

With eye contact, pointing and some giggles we were able to build a friendship for the time we sat there. It felt as if I could have life-long friendships with these people without ever saying a word and that is the most powerful connection I have ever felt.

Moroccans are so welcoming and kind.

When we had the opportunity to eat in our guide’s home, his mother and sister served the most beautiful meal and we all ate with our hands. We all laughed and raced to eat as much as we could before we popped, then we ate more! Food is definitely the love language of Morocco and I am all for it!

The worst thing anyone could do is to compare Morocco to America.

They are two different worlds! Morocco is perfect for anyone who is completely open minded and ready to try new things. You never know what to expect when you are traveling in Morocco, so throw your itinerary away because new adventures will pop up around every corner.

Two weeks was enough time for me to fall in love with Morocco and everyone I met there, but it wasn’t enough time for me to be there. I am positive I will visit again and hopefully call Morocco home. Morocco has changed me for the better and now I know I will never be as happy and fulfilled anywhere else in the world.

Shukran Morocco, I will see you soon.

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