I am fortunate enough to call the shores of Lake Michigan home. Growing up spending every minute under the sun playing on the beach and taking the boat out for a nice cruise just seemed normal. Now, having moved away I realize how lucky I was. If you find yourself wondering where to go on a summer vacation, look no farther than touring the beautiful towns around Lake Michigan and seeing all it has to offer.

1. The dunes

Lake Michigan is unique because of the many hiking trails around the shore through the sand dunes. These hikes are not only a good workout but they offer incredible views.

2. The clear water

We can thank the Midwest extremely cold winters for the crystal clear waters of Lake Michigan. Because it freezes, it makes algae and plants scarce, giving it a Caribbean blue tint. On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than jumping in and enjoying the cool water.

3. The cute towns

There are so many hidden gem towns that have so much to offer around Lake Michigan. From cute beach shops to the best "ma and pa" restaurants and ice cream shops, there is nothing you can't find around the lake.

4. The beaches

The beaches around Lake Michigan are clean, and have beautiful white sand.

5. Chicago

Chicago is right on Lake Michigan, so for the city lovers, it is an easy commute to enjoy all the Windy City has to offer.

6. Boating


There are so many great marinas and rental boating shops around Lake Michigan. Any level of boaters can enjoy all Lake Michigan has to offer.

7. The people

It is commonly known that midwesterners are some of the nicest people you can find, and I am here to verify that. Wherever you go around Lake Michigan, there is always someone willing to lend advice about the best local sites to see.

8. The weather

While winters are brutal, the summer months around the lake could not be more beautiful. It is not too hot, and many days are the perfect beach weather around 80 degrees.

9. The food

There are so many unique, amazing places to eat around the shore. Everyone is bound to find something they love

10.  Tubing


Tubing is extremely popular on Lake Michigan. Many towns offer a rental service to rent out a boat and a tube. Not only is it extremely fun, but because the lake doesn't have sharks it makes falling off a bit less intimidating.

11. Hiking

For outdoor lovers, there is no better place to go on a beautiful, scenic hike than the shore of Lake Michigan.

If you decide to come to visit the shores of Lake Michigan this summer, you will not regret it.