After visiting Hawaii over Thanksgiving break with my family, I realized that Hawaii is such a beautiful state with so much character. There's just about everything including the ocean, mountains, and unbelievable hiking trails. The trees go on for miles and miles with unbelievable sights at every stop. The land that surrounded me was gorgeous and green which was an absolutely breathtaking sight for someone who is very landlocked by deserts and mountains. Biking down from a volcano with my family was one of my favorite activities because we saw just about everything in front of us from a different perspective. Snorkeling was quite the adventure too as the coral reefs were stunningly bright and vibrant which was such a sight to see with so many fish and creatures of the ocean. As I was in the ocean it just felt it was like me alone with nature, just taking everything in and seeing it all from a different light. Seeing things I didn't see every day was probably the best part of the trip as dolphins would jump in front of me and whales were coming up for air just as I was adjusting my snorkel.

As far as family, I was able to connect with them as well as nature as a whole throughout the duration of my trip. We took a long drive which meant a lot of patience to see an extremely once in a lifetime sight of beaches and waterfalls that no other place could compare to. This drive took up the whole day but every second of it meant so much to me as I was able to capture the beauty of such a beautiful face with my family that I adore. My sisters and I bonded on a stronger level as we were taken out of our realities for a week and put into a dream vacation. We would all go out on the balcony and sit while speaking about life as we watched the sunset and reflected on our days. Those were the days of our vacation as well as the moments that I would never be able to forget.

Being under a lot of stress at the time, I was able to conform to relax and enjoy the time that I was able to spend with my supportive, loving family in such a calm place. Returning my reality's difficult because everything kept on moving and I felt like I was still in the calm state of mind as I was in Hawaii. This made me think of vacations as a time to get away and truly connect with the people that I'm around at all times and not take any moment for granted. If you take anything from my piece, I hope that you take every vacation that you can and realize that the people around you at the moment are the most important and you should take every experience with the people you love to the fullest.

"As soon as I saw you, I knew adventure was going to happen." – Winnie the Pooh