10 Reasons To Visit Greenville, South Carolina
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10 Reasons To Visit Greenville, South Carolina

Need things to do in Greenville? Look no further.

10 Reasons To Visit Greenville, South Carolina
Sophie Harris

Greenville, South Carolina is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Tourists come from all over to visit and people who live there love everything about it. If you've never been to Greenville, you'll want to after reading about it.

1. Falls Park

In the heart of downtown, people can walk across the bridge, have a picnic in the park, walk on the trails through the gardens, or relax by the Reedy River. Both locals and tourists love Falls Park for a reason!

2. Local Restaurants

Greenville's downtown is known for its many local restaurants of nearly every type of food. This meal is from Larkin's on the River, which is located right next to the Reedy.

3. Inexpensive Local Restaurants

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Not all of Greenville's local restaurants are expensive or on Main Street. This plate is from Pita House, which is about 10 minutes outside of downtown.

4. Fall for Greenville

Here in Greenville, we're so serious about our food that we have festivals for it. Every fall for one weekend, lots of local restaurants set up tents on Main Street to sample their most famous dishes.

5. Performing Arts

The Peace Center is home to several of Greenville's performing arts organizations, such as Greenville Symphony Orchestra, South Carolina Children's Theater, and International Ballet. Off-broadway shows like Wicked and Les Miserables visit the Peace Center as well as popular musicians from nearly every genre.

6. Swamp Rabbit Trail

At about 20 miles long, this trail stretches from downtown all the way to Travelers Rest. People can stroll, run, bike, walk their dogs, and everything in between. The trees surrounding the trail are beautiful, especially during the fall.

7. Mountains

If you want beautiful mountain views, just travel a few miles north of Greenville! You can explore Paris Mountain, Table Rock, Jones Gap, Caesar's Head, Bald Rock, and many more. The photo above is from Pretty Place, which is part of YMCA's Camp Greenville.

8. Art

Not only does Greenville have a fantastic art museum, it also has beautiful murals throughout the city. Greenville artist Brigitte Selby painted the mural above in Travelers Rest.

9. Sports

Greenville is home to sports all throughout the year. Baseball team Greenville Drive play at Fluor Field during the summer, and hockey team Greenville Swamp Rabbits play at Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Both are downtown, so there is plenty to do before and after the games!

10. Textile Mill History

Before Greenville became the city we know today, it was a hub for textile mills. Some of the old mills have become popular spots for photography and coffee shops, like the Taylors Mill, which is pictured above.

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