Ohio-Based Band Vincent Florist Drops First Single “The Garden”: What The New Song Means To Them
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Ohio-Based Band Vincent Florist Drops First Single “The Garden”: What The New Song Means To Them

Vincent Florist's first single, The Garden, just released. In a new age of music, what separates Vincent Florist from the rest?

Ohio-Based Band Vincent Florist Drops First Single “The Garden”: What The New Song Means To Them

No item of pop culture is valued as much as new underground music. Being able to hear new voices, sounds, and rhythms is something that can't be written in words – it is simply one of the best feelings in the world. With finding new underground music comes a new appreciation for what artists you may never had heard of previously can do, and can bring a new sense of belonging and freedom in your musical choices.

Vincent Florist is a new band that dropped their very first song, titled "The Garden", on Friday, November 5th. The band is comprised of three members: Ethan Philips, Josiah Slaughter, and Dylan Campbell, all of whom are Ohio natives who came together because of their love for music.

Bassist Dylan Campbell's passion for music runs deep and provided the spark that lead to the creation of "The Garden". He said, "For me, making music has always been an emotional outlet of sorts. It allows me to kind of alleviate stress." He followed with, "It's always been something that keeps me at my happiest."

On why he enjoys making music, singer Ethan Philips said, "Making music helps me cope with a lot of things in my life. I lost my Dad when I was six and ever since I've used music to help calm my mind. Our music is everything to me." The passion for music runs deep throughout every member of the band, and it can be heard when their music is played.

About "The Garden", Philips describes the song as "letting ago and moving forward. It's about the little moments that you take with you throughout your life. It's about being free." Inspired by artists such as The Police, Joy Division, and The Beatles, Philips says that their sounds come out in Vincent Florist's music. "Joy Division has a lot of driving guitar riffs that give off a sad, sinking feeling. I try to get that same feeling when I'm doing solos or when I write lead guitar parts in our songs. I also love Sting, and I'm inspired by his melodies and lyrics."

Vincent Florist is not trying to be anyone else but themselves when they make their music, especially going into the future. Campbell, talking about the future of the band said, "My hope for the future is just to be able to spend my time performing for others. I've always loved performing, and performing with Ethan and Josiah has felt like a dream for so long now, but, we're finally getting to the point where it'll be a reality soon." Seeing their music on major streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify is a dream come true for the young and blossoming group.

Vincent Florist's new single "The Garden" is available on all streaming platforms now. Support up-and-coming artists and stream the Cincinnati band's new music, and be on the lookout for new music coming in the near future.

The Garden on Spotify

The Garden on Apple Music

The Garden on Amazon Music

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