A Video Of Gay Men Reacting To Touching A Vagina Broke My Heart
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A Video Of Gay Men Reacting To Touching A Vagina Broke My Heart

Comparison of two videos and how views on vaginas can majorly affect our society.

A Video Of Gay Men Reacting To Touching A Vagina Broke My Heart

Recently a video was published on Youtube by BriaAndChrissy, a pretty popular channel with 534,937 subscribers. Bria and Chrissy are primarily known for the songs they write and the music videos that go along with them, but they have started to branch out into making more socio-political videos. For this, I applaud them.

Four weeks ago they released a video entitled "Lesbians Touch Penis for the First Time!" You can find it here:

I am not so oblivious to say that these women were 100 percent sensitive or compassionate in everything they said about or did to this guy's penis, (relating touching a penis to their time as a butcher, the vet, a bag of raisins, play dough, food), but for the most part they seemed generally respectful. At the video's end, the women are able to appreciate a penis for what it is, however they still choose not to engage with penises sexually.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you take a look at BriaAndChrissy's video "Gay Men Touch Vagina for the First Time!" you'll see quite a different reaction. This video can be found here:

Plain and simple, this video really upset me. The lack of self control, sheer immaturity and flat out feelings of disgust exhibited by these "men," or should I say boys, is astonishing. The lesbians touching a penis video starts off with each woman stating she is nervous and has never touched a penis. Not once do they make any sort of gesture or facial expression that implies disgust, disdain or anything negative. They are just nervous to try something new; a normal human reaction. One of the women in the video even goes as far as to admit "I should not be nervous to do this, it's just a body!" How about them apples? Sounds like real class to me.

Meanwhile, the boys are sweating, praying to a higher power for assistance and strength, screaming and covering their faces. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the video:

1. "Am I like, gonna fall into it?"

2. "Let's hope I don't lose a finger!"

3. "I feel like, I'm gonna like, smell tuna."

4. "It's like a black hole *slurping sound*"

5. "I'm afraid, I'm like, gonna fall in."

6. "Oh God! It looks like a pimple! What do I do with it? Oh my God, it's staring right at me!"

7. "Like a partially deflated ballon."

8. "Oh! Like a squid! If you were to touch part of something down there, ink might shoot out."

9. "Can you keeps snacks down there?"

10. "It's like a closet door with some curtains poking out!"

Are you kidding me right now? Get it together guys.

However, I will give props to one of the guys, in the brown jacket, who said his main concern was that Stevie was comfortable, and he also pointed out that not all vaginas look the same! At the end of the video he said "I'm feeling like this is a beautiful moment." Another guy who I think said his name was Blaire, asked for consent to touch her vagina! You both deserve a shout out for your maturity.

The guys ended with saying that some of their expectations were wrong, but they're still "pretty gay," and they wouldn't do it again.

Hopefully you're starting to pick up what I'm putting down. That is, videos like these that have the best intentions in mind are doing more harm than good. Yes, the men sort of have some full circle epiphany moments at the end –– kind of, but even so, their initial reactions to Stevie's vagina were of full terror. This is unacceptable and should not be spread throughout the internet to perpetuate this type of fear of the female reproductive system.

Boys don't just grow up inherently thinking vaginas will envelop them whole- they learn it from somewhere (i.e. the media, their friends, I doubt their parents, but who knows?) Regardless, just because these men are gay does not mean this hatred for vaginas is the minority opinion. Actually, it's the majority opinion.

This view is mysoginistic in ways and unhealthy for people of all genders and sex. Scientifically speaking, men should naturally find vaginas appealing so they can procreate and continue their lineage. Anything besides this type of primal attraction for a vagina is a social construct we have created that goes completely against a human's natural instinct.

Second, this video has been seen around 12,000,000 times as of January 22nd. By the time this publishes, who knows how many times it will have been seen by girls, boys and everything in between. Not only is this harmful for young men who can adopt this idea and continue the trend, it is also harmful for all the girls who will watch it, or even see it on their newsfeed/timeline.

An impressionable girl or even a full grown woman seeing this video, and seeing these kinds with wretched reactions has the cruel power to get into her mind. It can make her think "yeah, maybe my vagina is gross" or "I'm disgusting" or "my body sucks" or "I'm never going to get laid" or "I'm unworthy of love, no one will ever want to be with me." The list goes on and on in all the ways it can destroy someone's self love, a necessity for a healthy mind and a happy life.

Self love can come in many forms, and this video can effect many different parts of one's self image. Within seconds, this video can induce body-hatred (of sexual organs and otherwise) self-doubt, oppression of sexuality, and disillusionment of one's image and worth.

Along with all the other ways the media makes girls criticize themselves, like excessive photoshopping and superficial Miss. Universe contests, it's very easy to see how a thought process that starts with hating one's vagina, can lead to hatred for their stomach rolls, their lack of a thigh gap, the fact they don't look like a Victoria's Secret Angel, so on and so forth. It's a toxic and never-ending spiral.

So, there's clearly a ton of issues with this video, which is really sad because I think Bria and Chrissy wanted to do something positive. Despite their intentions, when the two videos (Lesbians and Gays) are compared side-by-side, it becomes a battle of the sexes for maturity, open-mindedness, and respect.

Clearly, the women won. Second, this video and all other "anti-vagina" material has the potential to be so detrimental for so many different demographics. It's frightening how poorly this could affect so many people.

Remember: it's just skin and we all have bodies; bodies that deserve not only self appreciation, but appreciation from others without all the screaming and covering of eyes.

Vaginas for the win! Penises for the win! All sexual organs for the win!

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