Victim Blaming Rape Survivors Is Never OK
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I Don't Care What She Was Wearing Or Doing, She Still Wasn't Asking For It

Sorry, but I really don't think people want to get raped.

girl with finger to lip and taped mouth

After a rape incident I hear several comments about "What was she wearing?" or "She was asking for it." No. She wasn't. It's sad that that comes to people's minds before sympathizing for the person.

Women should not be seen as an object anymore.

It should not be a problem for girls to wear what they want to wear. I'm sorry men, but no we do not wear makeup or short shorts for you. We wear what makes us happy. Some women like to cover up and some like to show skin. That is not a problem. I am a huge fan of shorts and crop tops, but as I grew up I was always told that I would give men the wrong impression. This is not okay. We should not be telling women to walk on their tiptoes around men in fear that they will set them off.

People should be raising men to not view women as a piece of property.

Rape happens more than it should and I believe it is because those men were raised to think women are just an object. Yes, rape happens to men too, and women can be rapists also, and those women were probably raised thinking men were objects. We are all people. Women can now do everything a man can do. Men and women are now equal in the United States (almost, hello wage gap). However, there are some countries that still don't think men raping women is a problem because they make women feel as if they are only here to please men.

Sorry but no.

Time has definitely changed the idea of women. Women are more independent now and do not need men to make them happy. They can own businesses, vote, drive, go to school, work in factories, etc. I mean women can live completely own their own now. I believe it is wrong for people to still label women as objects or to tell women they need a man.

Rape will continue to happen, however, but it is time that people stop blaming it on the woman who was raped. She is the victim, not the problem. So what if she was wearing revealing clothes? Women should be able to wear what they want without men bothering them. Men are not told what they can and cannot wear, so why are women?

It is time to blame the person who is responsible for the problems. The rapist.

If they are OK with raping someone, that shows you the type of person they truly are. So blame them — not the victim.

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