14 Things Vegetarians Are Eating On Thanksgiving
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14 Things Vegetarians Are Eating On Thanksgiving

Oh no, what ever will we do without a turkey?!

14 Things Vegetarians Are Eating On Thanksgiving

Vegetarians are asked about many things, one of the biggest being, "what can you even eat on Thanksgiving?" Yes, there are dishes on the table that contain meat, however, the vast majority of them are completely vegetarian. Often, the best dishes do not contain meat. Here are some amazing food items that vegetarians will be eating this Thanksgiving.

1. Cranberry sauce

2. Bread... so much bread

3. Mashed potatoes

4. Corn

5. Stuffing/dressing

6. Pecan Pie

7. Green bean casserole

8. Sweet potatoes

9. Squash

10. Glazed carrots

11. Mac and cheese

12. Pumpkin Pie

13. Bread pudding

14. Twice baked potatoes

...Not to mention that Trader Joe's sells a fake turkey, so we're not even missing out on the turkey.

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