Vanessa Long Dance Company

Vanessa Long Dance Company

An extravagant, theatrical dance company.

The Vanessa Long Dance Company (VLDC) is a New York City based professional dance company that performs in the New York City and tri-state area. A spectacular company founded in October 2014, the VLDC performs pieces choreographed by Artistic Director and Choreographer Vanessa Long, who utilizes her diverse background in dance, theater and yoga to create innovative and unique pieces. These pieces performed by Vanessa Long Dance Company members spark conversations between audience members while raising awareness to present day social and political issues. Ms. Long's mission creating the company was to "create work that pushed the status quo," which she certainly achieves as she choreographs pieces that keep the audience engaged.

Past pieces the VLDC has performed includes "Boys Will Be Boys" about harassment on the streets, "Black Damp" about the collapse of a cave mine, "Urban Tumbleweed" focusing on pollution and littering of the Earth and "Bamboozled" about the anxiety and fear of student debt. Ms. Long's well thought out choreography coupled with the extraordinary talents of the company's dancers create exquisite performances which audience members relate and react to, along with performances that audience members will remember forever. Ms. Long's choreography is truly timeless and the VLDC is a fabulous asset to the world of the arts.

The Vanessa Long Dance Company performs for over 10,000 people each year at numerous venues across the New York City and tri-state area. In December 2014, two months after the company's founding, the VLDC was honored with its first permanent residency at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre, not long after they received their second permanent residency at Anita's Place. The highly sought out company performed 23 national performances and premiered 12 pieces in their first season and the company has continued to enchant its audience members. The company had the honor of being featured in Yoga Magazine, New York Talent Magazine, All Around Philly E-Paper, New Spirit Journal and the Asana International Yoga Journal, to name a few. Most recently, the Vanessa Long Dance Company has garnered awards including the Chashama Space Grant and Dance Teacher Magazine's Video of the Month Award. The company is looking forward to another fabulous season this year.

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Vanessa Long Dance Company

Donate to the Vanessa Long Dance Company by clicking here!

Special thanks to Vanessa Long and the Vanessa Long Dance Company.

Cover Image Credit: Courtesy Of: Vanessa Long Dance Company

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8 Reasons You Should Be Watching 'The Good Place'

It's the weirdest, yet best show you'll ever see (spoiler alert).

"The Good Place" is a new-ish show that first premiered in 2016. The show is about Eleanor Shellstrop, who finds herself in the afterlife. It doesn't take long for her to figure out she does not belong, because everyone else has lead good selfless lives, while she has not. She decides to hide in plain sight from Michael, the architect of "The Good Place," and his all-knowing assistant, Janet.

With the help of her seemingly perfect neighbors, Jianye and Tahani, and her soul mate, Chidi, she realizes it's not to late for her to do good. With this Eleanor becomes determined to rid herself of her old ways and discover new ones in the afterlife. Given the description of the show you can't help but be intrigued, which is why i'm going to give you three more reasons to watch NBC's "The Good Place."

Fair warning some of my reasons do give some spoilers!

1. Availability

Since the show premiered a little over a year ago it's available on Netflix. The show itself is currently on season 2, but all of season 1 is on Netflix. If Netflix is not your cup of tea you can also watch it on Hulu or If you're like me, you'll likely watch all of season 1 in one day, and then sit confused as what to do next with your life. If you're even more like me you don't have Hulu, so is going to be your new best friend as you try to catch up with season 2. Personally I like to get the television apps like the CW app and watch the new episodes on my phone as if I were watching Netflix.

2. No bad words

One funny aspect of the plot is that, because Eleanor is in "The Good Place," the use of bad language is not allowed. This means every time Eleanor tries to use bad words, they are changed to words like "fork" or "shirt".

3. Kristen Bell

As many of you may know, Kristen Bell is the voice actress for Elsa in "Frozen," and also stars in "Bad Moms," "Bad Moms Christmas" and "Gossip Girl." I don't know about you, but I personally love "Bad Moms" and "Gossip Girl," so knowing her as an actress and how hilarious she can be in roles she plays really hyped "The Good Place" up. Personally I love Kristen Bell and her acting. If even with my eight reasons, you still can't bring yourself to want to watch "The Good Place," watch it anyway. After the pilot you'll want to continue–trust me.

4. Houses mean more than you think

In "The Good Place" your house is depended upon your soul. This means your house directly reflects your soul so if you were generally a fancy person who liked large houses that's what you got. If you loved little cottages you got that as well. This makes for hilarious circumstances when a large castle like house is neighboring a small beach cottage.

5. Froyo is life

In "The Good Place," frozen yogurt means everything. The creator of "The Good Place," Michael, put froyo places at every corner of the neighborhood for easy access. What's even better is that every place has thousands of flavors including one's like fresh laundry (which gives you the feeling after you've done fresh laundry) or the perfect high five.

6. Tahani Time

If there's any character that I related to on a sass level its Tahani. She comes from a rich and lavish background and walks around the neighborhood as if she owns it. Despite this she was a good person and did many selfless things during her life but her snideness shines through. My favorite parts happen when Eleanor gets tired of Tahini's attitude and looses it.

7. Chidi (the one who can't make a decision)

I know for me personally making a decision can be difficult, from what ice cream flavor to get, to which movie to watch. I too struggle with decisions, which is why I felt so bad for Chidi because he takes a lack of decision making skills to a whole new level, but that makes for better TV.

8. A DJ/Drug Dealer posing as a monk

I think some of the funniest moments happen with Jason's character. For one he's a "monk" who is actually a drug dealer/ DJ from Florida mistaken for a monk who was supposed to be in the Good Place. Given his background and that of a monk who has taken a vow of silence, the two personalities could not be more far from each other. Even the way Jason died (which I won't spoil) evokes so much pity (because he is anything but smart) it's sad.

As a whole, "The Good Place" is totally the show you should be watching if you're looking for some good laughs and hear warming scenes. Even if you're not looking for these things–trust me just watch it.

Happy Netflixing!

Cover Image Credit: NBC Universal

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The Best Characters On 'Bones,' Ranked

How do your faves line up?

I don't know if any of you have enjoyed the amazing show that is Bones. It doesn't rival Criminal Minds in the crime TV department but it is the next best thing if you're like me and have watched Criminal Minds so many times that you can pretty much join the FBI's BAU today if need be. Bone's is a show about a forensic anthropologist and an FBI agent who solve murders with the help of a team of "squints" at the fictional Jeffersonian Institute. It's fabulous and I highly recommend it if you haven't watched it (seriously it's on Hulu- go to town). Here are the top 5 characters ranked:

5. Caroline Julian

The federal prosecutor isn't around in every episode but she deserves to be on this list. She doesn't put up with anyone's BS, puts Booth in his place, and turns up the sass meter.

4. Angela Montenegro

She's Brennan's best friend and confident. Sometimes she seems like the only normal one in the lab. Angela's bright energy and free-spirit make her so likable. I want to be a part of her and Brennan's squad.

3. Temperance Brennan

She's funny in her own weird way, completely oblivious to most social cues and so incredibly smart. Is it too late to change my major to anthropology? Because she makes what she does look so cool.

2. Dr. Sweets

I love Sweets so much. He's goofy, tender and still looks exactly like he did in Freaks and Geeks.

1. Seely Booth

Who doesn't love Booth?! I'll just leave this here.

I know I left some people out but making this list was very hard considering literally every single character on this show is extremely like-able! If you haven't watched Bone's please watch it. I hope this helped convince you just a little bit.

Cover Image Credit: Wallpaper Abyss

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