14 Flowers To Present On Valentine's Day That AREN'T Roses

14 Flowers To Present On Valentine's Day That AREN'T Roses

Surprise your special someone with any of these flowers!

14 Flowers To Present On Valentine's Day That AREN'T Roses

The lovely month of February has arrived. And I say lovely because it’s the month of Valentine’s Day! We see chocolates sold at stores, teddy bears as gifts and plenty of hearts that decorate places.

What we also almost always see are the iconic red roses. I honestly love them. Red roses are so elegant, romantic and beautiful. They also smell delicious!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m sure people are already looking to buy red roses to their significant other. However, I’m here to tell you that there are more options out there than roses. Surprise your special someone with another flower!

1. Orchids

Orchids are simply elegant. They represent love and beauty. A fun fact is that these beautiful, exotic flowers can be cultivated on all continents except Antarctica. They also come in every single color except black. And did you know vanilla extract actually comes from orchids?

Orchids also smell delicious and can act as a tall solo centerpiece. These beauties are certainly a great option for Valentine's Day!

2. Tulips

Tulips are incredibly beautiful. They originate from Turkey and Persia and had a major role in the arts and daily life. Tulips were often used on turbans. Tulips were widely popular during the 17th century in the Netherlands after Turkish merchants introduced them to the Dutch. These flowers were even used as currency and punishments were made to those who stole them.

These are a great option for Valentine's Day, but just remember to pick the right color since each may have its own meaning. For this holiday, you may want to go with a sweet pink or red bouquet of tulips, both of which symbolize true love.

3. Lilies

When in doubt... go with lilies! There are so many types of them, such as the stargazer, Casablanca, Acapulco and Elodie lilies. These also come in different colors such as purple, pink and yellow.

Greek and Romans used to give a crown of lilies to their brides for a fruitful and pure life. Romans also used to fill their pillows with these for a great scent – they are considered the fragrance of love. They smell amazing!

4. Gerberas

Looking for vibrant colors? Pick gerberas! It ranks number 5 on the most popular flower list worldwide. These were discovered in South Africa and represent happiness, purity and innocence.

Give red gerberas to say that you are fully in love; pink to show your admiration, and purple to praise your loved one's beauty and elegance! You can also mix and match gerbera colors in a bouquet. I'm sure it will definitely be a great surprise!

5. Peonies

Aren't these pink peonies beautiful? These represent beauty and love. They also symbolize honor and wealth in some Eastern cultures, such as Japan and China. The Chinese name for peonies translates to "the most beautiful" in Chinese.

If you've been with your significant other long enough, give them pink peonies to symbolize romance and love. These also represent prosperity and happy marriage, so peonies are definitely a great choice for this Valentine's Day.

6. Azaleas

Azaleas are mentioned in poems, such as does in Chinese poet, Tu Fu. These were seen as an aristocrat flower in the mid-1800s in Europe. There are also festivals in the U.S. and Japan that celebrate the azalea flower.

Azaleas are given to someone important you want to take care of. Give azaleas to show your passion and romanticism! You may want to combine it with some white ones to symbolize purity. These have a strong and sweet scent!

7. Ranunculus

These flowers originate from Asia, where an old myth narrates the story of a very loved and good looking prince that enjoyed singing the nymphs and taking walks. Eventually, he fell in love with one of the nymphs but didn't know how to express his love to her. Full of disappointment, he later died after never expressing his feelings towards her. It is said that his body turned into a ranunculus. During the Victorian era, they were a symbol of charm. Nowadays it also conveys the message that you think your loved one is attractive.

This Valentine's Day, give ranunculus to show your admiration or if you are interested in someone! They are stunning and look like they came straight out of a fairytale!

8. Sunflowers

Who doesn't love sunflowers? They are bright, vibrant and look similar to the sun! These are native to the Americas and were a source of food. Sunflowers have been the inspiration of many iconic and historical artists. Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Diego Rivera included sunflowers in their paintings and became masterpieces.

Sunflowers represent loyalty and the strong bond that exists between two people. Go ahead and surprise your significant other with these lovely sunflowers that will cheer their spirit!

9. Dahlias

Dahlias are native to Mexico and can grow up to 12 inches in diameter. The former Mexican president, Adolfo Lopez Mateos thought dahlias were one of Mexico's greatest "gifts to the world." Therefore, he declared dahlias Mexico's national flower. These come in a variety of colors, either solid or in patterns. During the Victorian times, dahlias represented the commitment and an everlasting bond.

If you are looking to show your commitment to that special someone with a bouquet that stands out, choose dahlias!

10. Magnolias

Magnolias can often be seen in wedding bouquets to represent the bride's purity and dignity. In Chinese art, they symbolize beauty and sweetness. An interesting fact about these flowers is that they grow on trees of the same name that can live to a century!

You can't go wrong with a bouquet of magnolias this Valentine's Day. It's a great option for surprising your loved one with a different flower!

11. Camellias

Camellias originate from China and mean the union of two lovers. They are also considered the Japanese rose. Did you know green tea is made after drying camellia leaves? Black tea follows the same process with these leaves with a fermentation step.

These flowers represent eternal love and affection! Give white camellias to symbolize your adoration; red to show your love and desire; and, pink when you really miss somebody!

12. Gardenia

Gardenias come from tropical areas and have a very sweet scent. During the Victorian era, when people were not able to express their feelings, they would show their love by giving gardenias. These flowers mean secret love.

Since gardenias are white, they symbolize purity. Giving gardenias also mean that you think that special someone is lovely! These are a beautiful option to show your pure love to in Valentine's Day!

13. Lotus

Have you ever seen a pink, sweet lotus blossom in the middle of a pond? With roots based in mud, lotuses rise from the dirt and bloom gorgeously. It is linked with purity and beauty in Buddhism and Hinduism and is considered a sacred flower. It is also considered an expression of perfection in some Asian cultures. It also represents grace.

If you want to go with something unique this Valentine's Day, choose the lotus!

14. Carnations

Carnations have been around for over 2,000 years and were used as Greek ceremonial crowns. These come in beautiful colors such as white, pink, purple and red. For Valentine's Day, I'd recommend either dark red carnations, which represent love and affection, or pink, which symbolize gratitude.

If you want to give your daughter a surprise definitely get the pink carnations! They are also associated with motherly love since it is said that they first appeared through Virgin Mary's tears.

Without a doubt, your special someone will be surprised with any of these gorgeous flowers. Eat delicious chocolate, pick lovely flowers and enjoy Valentine's Day!

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