Canada was by far the best vacation I have ever been on! The people were so friendly, everyone was very welcoming and didn't mind referring me to places to try! While in Toronto, Ontario, I rode the CN tower and got to overlook downtown Toronto, I did some shopping, and also just walked downtown to see the nightlife. I was lucky enough to drive only an hour and a half to Niagara Falls and see the most beautiful scenery ever.

The boat ride was almost like a dream getting so close to the waterfalls and feeling the water was so magical! If I also had to recommend staying somewhere, I would say to choose a hotel that is downtown Toronto instead of by the airport. I chose to stay by the airport but there was not much to walk and sightsee, I was having to drive 30 minutes to an hour to go downtown depending on traffic. Also if you ever get a chance to go to Canada make sure you drink an orange Fanta for me; the soda is made with real oranges and just has such a different taste than the ones we drink in America. My Top 3 Favorite Places I Visited In Canada: 1. CN Tower (Toronto)2. Downtown (King St. and Queen St.)3. Niagara Falls