It's already the end of the July with a mere week and a half left until August is upon us, and I'm not ready. There are so many other things apart from getting ready for classes that I need to take care of before I start going in between class and work again.

Last year my best friend and I signed our first apartment contract. When I signed my name at the end of that 20-page paper I couldn't be more proud of myself for taking this big step in my life. After all, not everyone chooses to move off campus their junior year to leave dorm life behind, but I did.

Now that August is almost upon my roommate and I, are kind of freaking out. What initially seemed like a good idea a few months ago, is starting to feel like a giant stress ball has been logged in my throat. Move in day is on August eighth but I haven't started packing and my study abroad trip has my bank account looking like the Sahara desert.

I'm sure everything will be fine once August passes and I've figured out all of the financial and technical bits but it's the unknown that's freaking me out. Everything that worries me now used to be taken care of by the UT Austin's Office of Financial Aid and the Division of Housing and Food. Boy, did I take them for granted, even if they never could disperse my money on time.

Regardless of my anxiety, I am going to look towards the optimistic side of things. I'm going to be moving into my very own apartment with my best friend, I don't know many girls who get to do that!

We won't have to share a bathroom with thirty other girls, worry about microwaves being set off because someone thought it was a good idea to bake cookies in them. or be forced to sign up for those semester RA appointments. (Don't get me wrong, I loved both of my RA's, but the timing of those meetings always sucked.)

My roommate and I are one step closer to full-fledged independence with two years left in undergrad starting in August. This apartment is the beginning of new things and I'm so here for it, well apart from those unknown questions that still need to be answered that I mentioned.