As this month is coming to an end. I am realizing that I won't be 20 years old anymore. Next month on August 7 I will be a legal adult. People often think that once someone hits 21 years old that their life will change dramatically from a non-partier to being one and going out and partying! Well not to be a party pooper but even though I am turning 21 and being of age to drink...I am not changing my life. I may try a drink here and there but obviously it will be at home or at a restaurant and be with my family or my of age friends and have a chauffeur. I am not moving, I am still going to be living at home and going to college. Nothing dramatically will change, I will still have my same old group of best friends. I will still be the person who I was at 20. My feelings towards guys will still be the same. My religion won't change I will still be a catholic girl. My love for photography will only grow more. I will still be going the general business route for college. Lastly, hanging out with my parents will never get old, being with them, helping them and seeing them happy will always be something I treasure no matter what age I am.

What I plan on getting done when I am 21 is first obtaining my driver's licence. When your parents have different rules on driving then other family's rules this is what happens. I also plan on finding a job and get my photography out there. I plan on obtaining a retail business photographer licence. I am planning to help my parents out more especially my dad who is fighting cancer. Lastly, I plan on adventuring to new places and doing new things.

What I hope for when I am 21 is I hope to be a young adult with a job as well as a photographer for RI. I hope to explore RI more and be able to drive and be photographing people, events, weddings, and lifestyle. I hope to get honor roll in college and make the dean's list. I hope to save money and only buy what I need and hope to treat my siblings and parents with the money I earn. I hope to create more friends. I hope to learn how to cook more things and to help my parents out with cooking or making food.

When I turn 21, there is some things that I won't change I won't be changing my hair color that is for dramatic hair color for me. I will not get a tattoo or any piercings. I am not going to smoke. Also I am not changing my views on life or my attitude. I am always going to be the same person that I am every year. Lastly, I hope to play soccer again whether it is with friends or with a young adult recreational group.

To conclude, even though I am turning 21 the person who I was at age 20 will still be in the person who is turning 21. I will not be a crazy 21 year old college student. I will be the non party girl, the one who's in the books not at a party wasting the night away.