​Worth in the Waiting
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​Worth in the Waiting

Whoever said patience is a virtue was notttt lying.

​Worth in the Waiting
Grace's Camera Roll

September is in two days .. Woah. Anyone else feel like it's not at all that time of year for all things Fall and pumpkin? Hopefully, it's not just me.
These past few months have been interesting, to say the least, I think we all can agree on that. Now that I am at school, I look back on my time spent at home for 6 months, and I honestly can't help but feel so blessed, refreshed, and fortunate for the time in this big, huge, ginormous season of waiting.
Patience. I will be the first to say that this is not my strongest quality by any means. But, if quarantine taught me anything, it is a newfound appreciation of patience.
I am a do-er, a go-er, and someone that constantly feels like I need to be doing something. As you could probably guess, when pretty much everything that usually consumed my life was canceled, I was a little lost at first.
I have a gratitude journal, and if I'm being honest, this was the one thing that made me appreciate the times that we were living in. Because I started to write down the things in life that weren't going anywhere. The time to slowwww down. The time to enjoy moments and not things. The time to realize that what matters most, wasn't what I was missing out on, but what I was living, at that moment.
The phrase; "stop and smell the roses." So old and cliché, but so relevant. When we slow down, we really do see what is around us, and allow ourselves to figure out what is properly serving our hearts and our minds, and what isn't.
Now looking back, I truly believe that this time away from all the go go go, was exactly the plan for not only my life but all of our lives. I was talking with a friend the other day, and she said something so great. It was along the lines of, "I can sit here, and try and plan out every second of my life, but then again, my life is on God's timeline that he has for me, not the one that I have for me." WOAH. Okayyyyy.
For a girl that loves a good to-do list, I needed to hear those exact words. God truly does have perfect timing. Yes, it may take all the patience and faith in the world to trust him, but it is oh so worth it in the end. His timing will always be worth the wait.
The seasons of waiting are tough. But that doesn't mean they're wasted. Every situation I look back on where I was hoping and praying for answers, God was always there with the response, even if it took a little extra time. That's the thing. Anything that is being waited upon, must be worth it if God is needing some extra time to perfect it, right?
That friendship, relationship, job opportunity, whatever it may be for you. Yes, it might be a long time coming, but your prayers, hopes, and wishes will be answered. God makes us wait for these certain, special moments in life because they are so precious and important, that he wants to be able to take the time and make it perfect for YOU. Trust the process, because it's a good one.

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