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    I will utilize the Odyssey platform to bring perspectives into our community's conversation, by talking about the things I know people are scared to discuss. I know when I go online I'm always looking for people going through the same things as my friends and I, but people seem to shy away when talking about the "real" things in life online. I want people to get talking about things that they've always questioned, things they stand for that others may find odd or stupid, but it's important to them, and it may be to others. I want people to see that there is so much more in the world than meets the eye. Nothing is as it seems and many people don't see that. They see people going through day to day lives, but what about that kid who was just bullied? What about the kid who just came out to their parents? What about the older woman who has an abusive husband? Where are their voices? Where are their stories? I want to reach out to people through my writing to let them know that they're not alone, and there are probably hundreds or thousands of others in their shoes. I want my words to give them strength to speak out, whether it be in person with someone, or even online through an Odyssey platform. Of course, I will bring a sense of old time fun meets modern day times, and talk about interesting and current things, but for the most part I want people to understand that their words are their most powerful weapon, and that they should learn to use them as often as possible.

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