7 Useful Apps For Everyday Life
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7 Useful Apps For Everyday Life

There are some super cool apps on the market these days.

7 Useful Apps For Everyday Life
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We all pretty much do everything on our phones these days. Our entire lives are on our phones. Since we all look for ways to improve our lives, here are some apps that are useful and can help you on a day-to-day basis!

1. Insight Timer

This app is an incredible meditation app. The application has many users who can put their own meditation guides on the app - which results in countless different guides to follow! One time, I was even guided by someone who lived in Ireland. It is incredibly important to meditate because it genuinely helps us to relax, and take a breather from the stresses of our daily lives.

2. Tasty

If you are always looking for recipes, then the Tasty app is the right one for you! Tasty is part of the company "Buzzfeed," and it posts quick recipe videos online. You can choose what types of foods you like or want to make, and the app will give you recipes for those choices. There are many great recipes on the app to choose from!

3. Venmo

This app is a must for everyone! When you and your friends go out to eat or do whatever, you may not have cash on you. Your friend will pay for you, and you will have to eventually pay your friend back. This app is great to pay your friends back right away and get money from people. You hook up your credit card or bank account on the app, and you pay people that you may owe money to - or you can even request money from someone who owes you.

4. WhatsApp

I am so grateful for WhatsApp because it is the best way to communicate with people that are not in the same country as you. I have friends that are living in Israel for the year, and this app is the only way I can communicate with them by text and call. On WhatsApp, you can call, text, and video call with anyone around the world. The greatest thing about WhatsApp is that it is entirely free!

5. Waze

Waze forever changed GPS. Waze is GPS app that you can download on your device. What makes Waze so great is that you can see if there is traffic, if there are security cameras nearby, if there are any police near you, etc. The app is able to put all of these features together with the help of the people that use the app. Users can input all of this information into the app to let other users know what is going on on the road.

6. Shazam

Oftentimes, I will be out in a public place and a song will come on that I really love; however, I have no way of knowing the name of the song. With this app, you are able to use your phone to discover the song and the artist! It is a great way to add more amazing music to your music playlists.

7. SeatGeek

If you are someone who loves to save money and go to concerts, then you should definitely get this app. This app has concert tickets for a discounted price. You can also get twenty dollars off if you recommend other friends to the app!

I hope you discovered a new application that you may not have known about previously!

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