Use Your Hair To Clean Oil Spills

You don’t need to donate 8 inches to help!

I recently came across a program for hair donation that is a little different!

You can donate three-inch pony tails and boxes of loose hair, fur, wool and fleece. That includes dog hair and laundry lint. Are you confused yet? All of these fibers naturally pick up oil and dirt, so a group has managed to find a way to fight the powers of evil.

The Matter of Trust group is using the Clean Wave Project to take things we typically just throw away and use it in times of need when dealing with oil spills! Depending on the need at the time, the fibers are made into either mats or booms. The booms are long panty hoses filled with the fibers. These things are put into the storm drain cages or in the ocean when there is an oil spill. Water is able to go through but it naturally pulls the oil and waste out of the water.

This method of clean-up offers a renewable and clean process that is super simple and something that we should be promoting.

Check out their website here to see how you can donate!
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