Upon Violence in the Sacred Halls
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Upon Violence in the Sacred Halls

The Trumpista behavior was one word- inexcusable.

Upon Violence in the Sacred Halls

With a heavy heart my dear reader, I must inform you that our sanctuary has been defiled! Not only by a caudillo but by the Trumpsitas (Disclaimer: a Trumpista is not an average supporter of Trump, but one who takes to the streets) My heart breaks for my Patria- the United States. A land in which my ancestors fought for our independence from usurpation of power. The Capitol is one of our most glorious buildings, in her fresco halls I drafted many dramatic stories and forever was captivated by the art, the stories and imagination. It was in her domes where whatever sound you make "echoes" rather literally through the age. Like a volcano, hatred was brewing under the surface of many people kindled by hate. These scoundrels desecrated and breached this sanctuary. We will not let hatred and division prevail, but must unite in solidarity for democracy.

A conversation with a friend stuck with me- I saw many of them using the name of "Jesus" on their banners. Without encroaching too far into the territory of a theologian, it is using the name of the Lord in vain to use him for a political cause- especially when it is attached to one individual. It is dangerous to elevate any individual to such a degree where he becomes a "Christ like" figure for the masses. I would even say this if it was a politician I liked. Then his words become unquestionable truth and people obey him regardless- we encroach upon dangerous territory.

As I mentioned before in my bagatela- the peaceful transition of power is a cornerstone of democracy and I do not feel the need to explain that more in depth since I believe that is a point where you and I agree my dear reader and I do not wish to bore you with what has already been said.

The attack on the Capitol was not only an attack on a building but a symbol- this building captures memory through her frescos, and even though the way the chambers hold sound. Through the labyrinth is the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world hosting knowledge from ancient Chinese scrolls, French Revolutionary pamphlets, and gifts from Simon Bolivar. Records of various extinct languages and indigenous cultures are preserved there as well. This is an attack on our culture, our history and the entire world's cultural memory. It was inexcusable and was intended to provoke fear in the hearts of our representatives. The Capitol has always been a sanctuary where the ideas of the people were freely and peacefully discussed (asides from some tragic and terrible moments such as the caning of Charles Sumner!) may she forever shine brighter as a beacon of liberty. May our patria recover.

Perhaps this has been a blindspot of ours- coups and unrest happen in story books, and there wee clear signs of growing racism and polarization here. Like a volcano it brew under the surface. In my novel "The Insurrectionists" which ironically took place mostly in the Capitol it was described this was "All was not well, creeping in the threads of this nation was a monster that would not compromise. The monster appeared every now and then, but then disappeared to the woods where people would begin to believe the monster was just a fairy tale, as he was out of sight and faded from memory. The monster wherever there are humans, and when solidarity becomes rare and pride becomes stronger than love. But love alone could drive the monster back into the woods. Fractions were powerful, but were not the only thing that defined these United States. They were not so far gone however, compromise was still an option." - (The Insurrectionists by Emily Hausheer, Page 81)

Guard your heart my dear reader, for the monster emerged today.

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