Up-And-Coming Bands — Bungler
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Up-And-Coming Bands — Bungler

Getting to know Bungler, a punk/ hardcore band from Buffalo, New York.

Up-And-Coming Bands — Bungler

With time comes knowledge and with knowledge comes fear, fear that can overall alter one’s mindset making it so that life is seen in a much darker prospective. Usually, these people are seen as dark and mysterious, often to be found a group of outcast. People who have knowledge and choose not to live in such a dark mindset are often seen as different, unique and creative in many ways. In this case, it is safe to say that Bungler falls into the category of unique. Bungler is a punk/ hardcore band from Buffalo, New York. The band currently consists of three members, vocalist Greg Kolb, Guitarist Ryan Ankenbauer, and drummer Sky Harding. Formed in 2014 Bungler has put out a few records that include “Fake Fur” their six track debut EP released in the fall of 2014, followed by “Never Grows” which was released in the fall of 2015. Later in 2015 Bungler released their split EP with Great Grief from Iceland titled “There’s No Setting Sun Where We Are”. After the various releases from Bungler they began to play lots of shows around the United States, some of the venues that they’ve enjoyed playing throughout their time of being together include the Waiting Room (Buffalo, NY), the Voltage Lounge (Philadelphia, PA), Tomcat's West (Ft Worth, TX), and the tri- state area in general that includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Of course Maryland and other surrounding states are welcomed to join as well. The band is currently managed by Erick Droegmoeller and have signed with Innerstrength Records. Bungler Describes their new record as less predictable, darker, and in some cases “lost in the forest $h*t”, which is quite acceptable for an unpredictable band such as Bungler.

As Bungler prepares to hit the road in early January 2017 alongside ‘Sabella, Kaonashi, and Zero the band prefers to warm up by listening to some of the music that they get their inspirations from. Some of their inspirations include classic rock, Rush, and Gwen Stacy. Although Bungler has released a few records and have played many shows around the United States, they have seen many things in the music scene that they prefer were changed. Sky Harding, drummer for Bungler believes that people should have a more positive attitude, as well as more confidence. This goes for fans and people that play in bands, the more confidence you have in your band the better of an outcome it could be. The more positive you act towards bands and the more you support them, by purchasing music and merchandise, the better that band will do overall. Music is about supporting each other, and without each others support none of these bands would be where they are today. Guitarist Ryan Ankenbauer believes that bands should not be judged by first week record sales, or how many people they draw to a show. There are many amazing bands out there that go unnoticed too often due to the fact that they are not popular on social media, or because they cannot draw a huge crowd to a show. Music is about the sound, expressing how one feels and if that music sounds great to somebody who recruits bands into record labels it is necessary that the band should get a record deal no matter how big or small they are. Greg Kolb believes that there should be less prissy people in the scene, most definitely more interaction as well as motivation for bands to keep on playing. Supporting bands is essential to the music scene, great bands such as Bungler would not have been discovered if not for the supporters of this music scene.

As Bungler recalls, the best things about touring are not working, seeing how other people live around the country, getting to be a tourist, eating lots of food and being able to play music every night. Perhaps some people will read this article and think to themselves, “Wow, do people really want to live this way, driving around in a van being all sweaty and having to rely on fast for for weeks at a time?” well the answer is yes, in fact it is some of our dreams to be able to do this, to be able to play heartfelt music that we’ve created to all of the people from different areas that come out just to see us. It would truly be an honor to have people admire us. Sleeping in a van and eating fast food means nothing, because everything that we care for comes from our hearts and stays with our fans that we hope to have and hope to gain. Music can be a hobby for some people, and others it could just be something that they hear on the way to work, but for bands such as Bungler, music seems to be a lot more than just a hobby. Hobbies of Bungler include Graphic Designing, gaming, collecting music, venue working, building things, eating chips, cooking, and wood burning. These hobbies are mostly found in a typical touring musician. When asked about what makes Bungler so different from other bands in the area, members of the band replied with “Our guitarist Ryan plays bass and guitar out of two rigs, since we don’t have a bass player. We also don’t care about people’s opinions of how we sound, our music comes from the heart and our writing style is most definitely unique.” This shows that although Bungler has huge love for their fanbase and supporters, they know what needs to be done in order for them to get further with their music career and how to better their music throughout their future records.

To wrap up with interview with Bungler a few closing questions were asked, so that people who are interested or others that want to get in contact with the band would be able to. When asked what is the future direction and hopes for Bungler, they all said that the band will be touring more, playing with other great bands and getting to meet all of their fans. A band this dedicated to making music and touring around the country deserves to become bigger. When asked if the band has a specific song or record of theirs that they were proud of, drummer Sky replied with “The whole record (upcoming record).” Guitarist Ryan replied with “Double Glare (a song off of the upcoming record). Lastly, the band was asked if they had a personal track off of the new record, something that meant something to them. Greg replied with “Our new single Double Glare, I wrote it while I was in a shitty state of mind and now that I’ve come out of that dark place I’m proud of I’ve accomplished.”. In conclusion Bungler is one of the most unpredictable, yet best bands that New York has to offer. With their unique punk/ hardcore sound, Bungler definitely deserves everything great that has been happening for them lately. If you are interested in learning more about Bungler you can go to their social media page, https://www.facebook.com/BunglerBand/. If you are interested in listening to Bungler you can find their music at Merchnow, ITunes, Spotify, their record label website, or you can get some of their music for free at https://bnglr.bandcamp.com/. For people interested in booking Bungler, or to just get in touch with them for ideas you can contact them via email at Bunglerband@gmail.com, also on social media (Twitter, Facebook).

When asked what they would like to say to fans and readers, Bungler replied with “We’re a group of guys who do not plan on slowing down, we are looking forward to meeting new bands as well as fans, make sure to check out other bands and buy their merchandise”. Music is limitless, and the creation that everyone has inside them is truly special, never be afraid to show who you you really are and express what you feel inside through music.
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