If you follow the news, you know that this week has been a tumultuous one. Children locked in cages by the government and more and more questions but no answers, a wave of people exposing themselves as abuse apologists in the wake of a rapper's death, the list goes on.

There's a lot to care about and give our attention to but constantly exposing ourselves to this type of news can be exhausting. I struggled to find something to write about this week; what could I possibly say that would matter more than all of that? Nothing. Instead, I'm giving myself — and you — a short break from the chaos by sharing what exactly I don't care about in a way that isn't so serious.

1. Having a "perfect summer bod"

If I had a dollar for every time I heard or read someone talking about how to get a summer/beach ready body, I would be able to afford the plastic surgery to get one. Confidence is one thing but constantly perpetuating the idea that a "summer body" is limited to a size small? Not interested.

2. Anybody's positive opinion on Trump

New revelations about Trump and his administration come out nearly every day now and none of them are positive. They're all horrendous and further contribute to the concerns many of us had during the election and create more concerns that we weren't even prepared for. So no, I don't care for anyone telling me how great he is for doing X and Y, I promise you I'm not listening. This doesn't come from a place of moral superiority, rather a frustration with those who attempt to justify the harm he's enacting.

3. Unwarranted thoughts on other people's bodies

Twitter is notorious for fat-shaming and it's almost always targeted at women. Someone will post a picture of their body (with confidence!) and suddenly everybody on Twitter becomes a doctor. Let people post their selfies and go without giving them health advice that wasn't asked for!

4. Complaints about Pride Month

The "straight pride" that homophobes seek out takes place literally every other month besides this one and y'all are still trying to shame LGBTQ+ folks for celebrating their identities a little more loudly in June?

5. Snapchat streaks

Can somebody tell me the point of these? What's the significance of a streak if the only conversation exchanged is blurry snaps at midnight that just say "streak?

6. Older people's displeasure with tattoos and piercings

I wonder where this obsession with what other people do to their bodies comes from. Tattoos can be meaningful and important or they can be impulsive and flippant; either way, they're a method of self expression, as are piercings. If you don't like them, that's fine, don't get them then! But don't judge someone based off of one look at their body modifications.

7. Why the Beatles are "legends"

No further comments.

8. Getting a tan

Another summer activity that's deemed necessary that I just don't understand. Maybe I'm bitter that all I can do is burn or perhaps it stems from my eternal fear of getting skin cancer.

9. Why your sexual predator of a friend isn't "that bad"

Friends show their true colors in situations like these. Exposing someone in your inner circle as a predator can be difficult but in the aftermath, it's obvious who is a true friend and who isn't. "Friends" who care more about their weekend plans than associating themselves with a predator and leaving other friends in a position to be harmed are rape/abuse apologists. The excuses are endless but the compassion and logic just isn't there. Drop them!

10. "That dress is a little short..."

I'm recognizing a theme here, are you? The woman you're eyeing in the mall isn't going to change her outfit just because you think it's too short. And telling me that certainly isn't going to magically make it longer, hate to break it to you.