The Benefits Of Stepping Back From Social Media
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Taking A Break From Social Media Will Make You A Better Person

When we stop living for moments that we can share online, we start living for moments where we can connect with the world around us.

Taking A Break From Social Media Will Make You A Better Person
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In today's society, almost everybody has at least one form of social media, if not six or seven. And most people, especially young people who have been on social media for most of their lives, check their accounts multiple times a day. I myself actively check at least three social media accounts every day. It is the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before bed. While I believe that social media has many benefits and positive uses, I also acknowledge that the amount of time most people devote to it is unhealthy. Whether it be Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or even Facebook, sometimes we need to step back and take some time away.

I recently took three days off from social media as a part of a church fast. This was an amazing time for me to unplug and be present. When we stop living for moments that we can share online, we start living for moments where we can connect with the world around us. It is amazing how clear my head felt when I wasn't constantly scrolling. I also found myself with tons of extra free time to do other things I love like reading and writing.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, here's what I recommend. Identify the social media that you spend the most time on every day. Think about how it affects you and what you might gain from taking a break. Now delete the app off your phone. You can post first to let people know you'll be gone for a little while if that's something that bothers you, but other than that just cut yourself off. It doesn't even have to be a long-term thing.

You could just do it for one day, or even the afternoon to make room for family time. But you might find that you feel better without the added distraction and decide to continue for a few days or even delete another app. If you do decide to take a break, I guarantee that you'll change your perspective on what's really important in life, and start to focus on what matters to you instead of what matters to other people online.

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