Unleashing the Mind
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Unleashing the Mind

How Transhuman Technologies Will Allow Us to Invert Our Minds Out Into the Physical World And Provide Clarity For Understanding.

Unleashing the Mind
Donanubis V13

Transhumanism is a very broad concept that is becoming more well known in the 21st-century. It is a concept that arguably has been at the heart of all human technological progression/revolution; as it can be summarized as the combination of human tool making to the point that we can transcend are biological limitations. This can be rooted in all efforts to increase living standard and life expectancy, but is becoming more and more associated with emerging technologies that will offer superhuman abilities, cybernetic upgrades, quasi-immortality, and many other abilities formally attributed only to the Pantheon of Gods from antiquity. These abilities and gifts will be putting to the test human capability of responsibly handling our technology in ways that do not lead to our destruction. But these technologies will offer also entirely new forms of human existence. Technologies like telekinetic communication, augmented reality, and other factors that can connect human minds together are rapidly developing.

One of the main proponents to the striving towards transhumanism is that humanity lives in a permanent state of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Transhumanist technologies offer the potentiality that we may finally be able to flip our minds inside out. Life is extremely irritating when one lives in a permanent state of confusion like that; deception and lies, truth and reality, all these terminologies can be rooted to the immense problem of two subjective entities transitioning thought from one to another. So much of human history has been altered because of this problematic phenomenon. The potential for people to transition internal sensation externally without any problem of interference will be a revolutionary phenomenon that will make the phenomenon of empathy seem limited. One would finally be able to truly understand one another, a level of intimacy words can hardly express. Reflecting upon this is simply a neutral fact of life; not opinionated esoteric thought. When there is connection there is understanding, where there is division there is illusion and confusion.

The notion of humans becoming gods may be taboo thinking, but is the only descriptive mannerism that can honestly describe the implications of what human technology and tool making has been designing within the human mind and human civilization since we first developed stone tools. We will one day be capable of not just becoming like gods, we will expand into the greater universe and will have the opportunity to earn the respect that we have for our own perceptions of a creator. We will go forth and terraform planets, design biological lifeforms, and develop new worlds and ecosystems on par with the biosphere of earth. If we hold the wisdom of a creator, such as the ones we have worshiped throughout human existence; then we will responsibly use our technology towards the betterment of existence, and not as control mechanisms to dominate other lifeforms as Apex predators. The choice is humanity’s to make. Every individual has the responsibility and need for accountability to recognize the possibility of a species unified through wisdom, empathetic understanding and technology is the only option to avoid our own self-destruction through the illusions of division created in the confusion of misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

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