Its a poem about a vagina


One day I realized I needed to have a voice. So I wrote a poem about a vagina, plus it makes people weirded out when I say vagina. So, vagina!

Vagina: noun; the muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women.

Sexists, excuse me. I mean, many people may not know that the vagina is more than a women part, here are some facts you may not know about the vagina!

1. Vaginas can lift weights! That saying "you hit like a girl"? Makes no sense. How is that even a statement? If my vagina can lift weights I can sure as hell punch hard. So don't you dare say I can't do anything if my vagina can lift weights. I can do whatever I want. Let that "weigh" in.

2. Hair around the vaginal area grows only 3 weeks while the hair on a person's head grows 7 years. I'm sorry I don't look or feel like a Barbie! Waxing costs up to $80 dollars, trust me I looked it up. Imagine a pinch ripe feeling down by your sensitive parts. Also when it grows back it is like spikes and you look like a person who just got their legs. So I'm sorry that my vagina can't be hairless all the time. Sorry everyone that my legs aren't hairless either. I'm sorry I'm a Wookie. Why is it okay to have hair on your head but not your vagina? Let that statement grow on you.

3. The vagina has blood that comes out monthly. I didn't choose this. I can't help that I go on an emotional roller coaster. I don't want to see the red sea. Also, periods aren't made to torture women or make them emotional but it creates life. So the guy who yells and hides from the tampon just know that if your mom didn't have periods you wouldn't be here. So whenever I get emotional don't automatically blame my period! My vagina is mad that I can't give it a child, so I rage bleed. No period = No life. I hope you all can soak all this knowledge in.

4. There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, while the penis only has 4,000. Imagine taking care of a puppy that was lost. But someone took it in and cared for them. At first, it was standoffish, then let the owner in. They connected and grew attached. Now imagine kicking all the love out of the dog repeatedly and then left for dead. That is what sex is like for a girl, it's more than a stroll in a park. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental connection. So when you have sex with a girl it means a lot. Then when you call a girl a bitch, it hurts. The definition of a bitch is a female dog. Women's rights must be a dog with a leash around her neck.

5. The "vagina" comes from the Latin root meaning "sheath for a sword". Please good sir with the fancy hair, put your sword in my sheath because that is my only purpose. No thank you, my vagina means more than some fun thing to play with! It is more than this new toy you get, and when you get bored you can't just throw it away! It has a purpose just like we do!

We women are worthy and valuable. Women don't deserve to be looked at as anything less than a male. It makes us stronger. We have fought since the beginning of time, and it was because of our vagina we could do it. For all the women who get put down every day, it is not your fault! If a vagina can lift weights, grow hair, give life and make a connection you can ignore those people who think the vagina is a weakness. Nowhere in the definition does it say, "Women can't do this" or "They're just sex objects!" Oh, by the way, I'm not on my period, I'm just tired of people being sexist!

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ESA in College

I'm so glad I have her in my life, but sometimes I wonder what it would be to be a normal person.


You have a cat? What's her name, how old is she, where did you get her from, what's her backstory? Are you supposed to have a cat in your room? Is it messy with a cat? How does she live in a small college dorm room? How do you get an ESA? What's wrong with you? Can I get one too?

Whenever people find out I have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) all I get is questions. Yes, I have a cat. Her name is Kalani, and she is 1. I went to the shelter asking for a specific cat only to find out he was adopted the day before. I asked them what cat would be a good ESA that could live in a dorm, and they directed me to Kalani. I only had to meet her once to know that she was the one. Kalani loves everyone and is always full of energy. She always knows when something is wrong and is always by your side. Since she's so young, she's super curious and her curiosity/stupidity makes me cry laughing almost everyday. We don't know her backstory and since it seems there's nothing/no one she's afraid of, I'm okay with not knowing.

Yes, I'm supposed to have a cat in my room. I have done the paperwork and it has been approved. You're allowed to have your prescription medicine in your room, it's the same thing. She is for my health. The messy question always trips me up. Food, litter, etc. there is no mess, but if you're talking about toys, yes there's always toys on the floor. She's little, she likes to play, and I have classes so I can't play with her every second of the day. She's perfectly fine in a dorm.

The questions that always hurt the most is people asking "What is wrong with you?" or "I want a cat, how do I get one?". I have mental illnesses, I need her. If I didn't have to have her here I probably wouldn't. Yes, a cat at college is nice, but YOU are responsible for her care. You can't just leave for the weekend without packing her up and taking her too. You have to be aware of where she is everytime you open that door. You have to put up with the endless questions. You have to put up with her standing on what you are working on (laptop, homework, food, etc.) and pushing things off the table. You have to put up with every annoying thing an animal does and give it all the attention in the world, even when you want to be left alone. Don't get me wrong, an animal at college is nice, it's one less thing you have to miss from home, but it's not as fun as it seems.

I need her more than anything. She's better than any medicine I've tried, any friend I've called during a breakdown, and any therapist I've been to. I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, and social anxiety disorder. The collection of those things make life really hard, especially in a new place like college. An ESA makes it bearable, or at least it's bearable having something there to help with every breakdown. The nights when I'm sobbing for no reason, having panic attacks because of my past, overthinking about everything I wish I could change in my life, lonely, or having a bad day; she's there no matter what.

I'm so glad I have her in my life, but sometimes I wonder what it would be to be a normal person. To be able to out and have fun, not have to worry about an animal in my room,not be so scared someone will find out about Kalani and having to try to explain that I'm screwed up so much I have an ESA, and not be scared every roommate will leave me because they can't put up with either my moods or Kalani misbehaving.

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