Unleash Your Inner Nerd This Holiday Season
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Unleash Your Inner Nerd This Holiday Season

In the most hysterically historical way possible

Unleash Your Inner Nerd This Holiday Season

'Tis the season for most people to relish their much needed time off, binge watching their favorite Netflix series, and sleeping until noon (I know I will be). But while you're doing whatever lazy activities (like eating and screaming at your fav football receiver to run faster ) that strike your fancy this holiday season, perhaps you should consider implementing a little patriotic hilarity into your busy schedule.

Stripped right from it's website, "i made america follows six Founding Fathers, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Hamilton, and Madison, who are kidnapped from their time and brought to 2012 to be used as props in the election. But the Founding Fathers soon find themselves cut off, alone, penniless, and unemployed in 2012 Chicago."


I know what you're thinking, and unless it's "i've got to opt out of that ugly sweater party I didn't really want to go to anyways so I can binge watch this', than yes, why would you even consider for a hot minute watching a transmedia youtube series about four ( supposed to be ) dead guys wearing stockings and wigs stuck in the future? Well if you're unlike me (a history dork who actually enjoys blogging about something most people fell asleep to in high school), than sit back and allow me to explain why i made america is worth reworking your holiday schedule to watch:

John Adams works in a coffee shop and has no idea how to text (but he tries)

Thomas Jefferson is in an awful indie band that doesn't even play music

Presidential pick up lines (this was the most tame honestly, they're wild )

Alexander Hamilton booby traps his own room (yes it gets someone)

They actually walk around like this (Adams wanders out onto the court of a Chicago Bulls game)... fortunately the mascot helped him out .

Don't even get me started on Benjamin Franklin.

- He never really knows what's going on (Like ever. He just doesn't care )

- He has an unhealthy obsession with poptarts

- He plays Xbox kinect with James Madison (they're not as bad as you'd think, founding fathers' got moves)


- He straight up wigs Alexander Hamilton

- And his sass would give Honey Boo Boo a run for her money

- just Franklin...

Also, J ames Madison doesn't know what he is doing, and neither do you probably

George the-pride-of-Mt.-Vernon Washington.

who also participates in recreational keg stands at parties

Ahem, now my sense of humor can be a little cynical at times, but even I am able to appreciate the sheer hilarity of the Founding Fathers in 2012 Chicago. So before you go ahead and press play on that 4th episode of American Horror Story, try to remember a different , more patriotic American horror story (because, honestly, these guys spend the majority of each episode terrified of things like kittens and fooseball).

You can check out i made america on youtube, or on their website .

Now to wrap up, here's a video of all the founding father's singing karaoke to All Star by Smash Mouth:

Stay patriotic my friends.

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