5 Homecoming Traditions At The University Of South Carolina Everybody Can Enjoy

5 Homecoming Traditions At The University Of South Carolina Everybody Can Enjoy

Sweet home Carolina and celebrating the Gamecocks, what could be better?


Homecoming is a week full of fun events that lead up to the football game that Saturday. It's a week that displays our Carolina spirit and gets students excited for the game. This year, homecoming is the week of October 22nd to October 27th. The theme this year is sweet home Carolina; it encompasses the fact that all students come from different areas and cultures but together we all call the University of South Carolina home.

Whether it is your first homecoming or last, you're bound to find one or multiple fun events to get involved with during homecoming.

Here are five USC homecoming traditions you'll definitely want to participate in this week!

1. Spurs And Struts

This dance competition usually takes place on Greene Street, but this year it will take place on Blatt Fields. Spurs and Struts has been a longstanding tradition that allows groups on campus to show off their dance skills. Each group choreographs a dance and is judged based on spirit, creativity, synchronization, technique, and difficulty.

2. Cocky's Canned Creations

This activity will occur on October 25th from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Greene Street. You can compete with other groups of students by building structures with canned goods and construction paper from 9 a.m. until noon. If you don't want to participate, you can always go see the finished products and to see which structures won at 2 p.m. The structures are judged based off of creativity, stability of the structure, total usage of cans/food collected, and visual appeal. If you do not want to participate yourself, make sure to go see what creations students can manage to make out of canned goods!

3. Homecoming Floats

The parade of homecoming floats is a tradition that a lot of students look forward to each year. This year, the floats will be set up on Davis Field and Greene Street from noon-4pm on October 26th. Judges will decide who has the best float and that float will have the honor of being presented at halftime of the game on Saturday.

4. Cockstock

This is an annual free concert put on by student organizations and will take place on October 26th at 7 pm. In years past, Rae Sremmurd and 21 Savage have put on a show. This year Daya will perform along with a special guest, Iyaz. Make sure to bring your USC ID.

5. Homecoming Tailgate And Announcing Of Winners

The tailgate is in Gamecock park and will start at 4:30 pm. It will involve music, food, and fun for everyone, you just have to preregister. The Carolina band, cheerleaders and Cocky will also be there to help you get hype for the game. The homecoming winners will be announced at halftime of the Tennessee game, October 27th. It will involve recognizing the homecoming court as well as awarding the homecoming cup to the Greek Life winners of homecoming.

These are just a few of the events that will go on throughout this fun-filled week. Make sure to check out USC's social media and emails so you can be in the know on all of the activities that are going on.

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To The Coach Who Ruined The Game For Me

We can't blame you completely, but no one has ever stood up to you before.

I know you never gave it a second thought, the idea that you're the reason I and many others, never went any farther in our athletic careers.

I know you didn’t sincerely care about our mental health, as long as we were physically healthy and our bodies were working enough to play. It’s obvious your calling wasn’t coaching and you weren’t meant to work with young adults, some who look to you as a parent figure or a confidant.

I also know that if we were to express our concerns about the empty feeling we began to feel when we stepped onto the court, you wouldn’t have taken the conversation seriously because it wasn’t your problem.

I know we can't blame you completely, no one has ever stood up to you before. No one said anything when girls would spend their time in the locker room crying because of something that was said or when half the team considered quitting because it was just too much.

We can't get mad at the obvious favoritism because that’s how sports are played.

Politics plays a huge role and if you want playing time, you have to know who to befriend. We CAN get mad at the obvious mistreatment, the empty threats, the verbal abuse, “it's not what you say, its how you say it.”

We can get mad because a sport that we loved so deeply and had such passion for, was taken away from us single-handedly by an adult who does not care. I know a paycheck meant more to you than our wellbeing, and I know in a few years you probably won’t even remember who we are, but we will always remember.

We will remember how excited we used to get on game days and how passionate we were when we played. How we wanted to continue on with our athletic careers to the next level when playing was actually fun. We will also always remember the sly remarks, the obvious dislike from the one person who was supposed to support and encourage us.

We will always remember the day things began to change and our love for the game started to fade.

I hope that one day, for the sake of the young athletes who still have a passion for what they do, you change.

I hope those same athletes walk into practice excited for the day, to get better and improve, instead of walking in with anxiety and worrying about how much trouble they would get into that day. I hope those athletes play their game and don’t hold back when doing it, instead of playing safe, too afraid to get pulled and benched the rest of the season.

I hope they form an incredible bond with you, the kind of bond they tell their future children about, “That’s the coach who made a difference for me when I was growing up, she’s the reason I continued to play.”

I don’t blame you for everything that happened, we all made choices. I just hope that one day, you realize that what you're doing isn’t working. I hope you realize that before any more athletes get to the point of hating the game they once loved.

To the coach that ruined the game for me, I hope you change.

Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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It's Time To Recognize Arizona State As A Serious Hockey School

Could this be the year the Sun Devils make it to the playoffs?


As we move into the new year we inch closer and closer to the NCAA Hockey Tournament in April, where 6 conference champions along with the next best 10 teams chosen by the NCAA committee are admitted to compete for the title of National Champion. ASU has bested many historically great teams like Michigan State, Penn State, earned their spot at #15. If they hold steady until the end of the season the question will arise, will ASU be chosen to compete in the tournament?

As Sun Devil fans, we would hope so, but looking back on the season so far, it's clear that if they don't make it this year, they will soon. Just by becoming a nationally ranked team, that automatically makes them a great target school for hockey players across North America looking to play collegiate hockey, but two things currently stand in the way.

At the moment, the Sun Devil's lack a proper arena, but Ray Anderson, Vice President of ASU Athletics, expects an on-campus multi-purpose ice arena to be built by November of 2020, but more information is yet to be heard. Additionally, the Sun Devil's aren't currently in a collegiate hockey conference. At the moment, ASU is Independent but could land in the National Collegiate Hockey Conference or the Western Collegiate Hockey Association in the near future. At this point, the only way to go is up for the Sun Devils and everything is falling into place.


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