6 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Finding a Halloween costume is stressful. Do you want to be sexy? Funny? Cosplay? It takes time and effort to figure out what you want to be and to acquire the costume, so here are some ideas to give you a head start.

1. The Greek God Of Your Choice


This one requires a little bit of creativity but with the help of Pinterest and hard work, you can be the unique greek god/goddess of your dreams. Pick one that you resonate with or want to embody (i.e Hades, the god of death) and then pick makeup looks and a killer black dress to give a cute, modern twist!

2. Your Favorite Color.


Do a killer makeup look with your favorite color, temporary hair dye, and a monochromatic outfit, and you have yourself a costume! Bonus points if you get your whole squad to be the rainbow.

3. Victorias Secret Angels - Reimagined


We all know the controversy around Victorias Secret not wanting to include Trans and Plus-sized women in their annual fashion show and this costume idea is a way to get back at them. Take all of your insecurities or parts of who you are that you love, rhinestone it on to a pink silk robe, dress up in you best bra or slip dress and rock your stuff. You are an angel, so own it!

4. A Hogwarts Student Or Professor.


If you're like me and love Harry Potter, it can be hard to find a main character or Head of House that you really identify with or want to embody. My solution is to create your own professor or student! I think this is a fun way to really get creative with a costume.

5. Disney Princesses As Superheroes.


I saw this idea on cosmopolitan and thought it was brilliant. Get a badass group of friends together and join forces as the two most iconic groups of characters that Disney has to offer.

6. Your Parents From The 80's.


80's fashion is back whether you like it or not. Grab your siblings and recreate iconic looks from mom and dad's old family album!

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