Unintended Consequences Of Pokémon Go
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Unintended Consequences Of Pokémon Go

Guns don't kill people, Pokémon Go kills people

Unintended Consequences Of Pokémon Go

It's been only about two weeks since the release of Pokémon Go, an interactive mobile game in which players actually venture off of their couches into the real world to capture and train their fictitious Pokémon characters. The game, co-developed by Niantic, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo, has already added about $9 billion to Nintendo's market value, causing its stock to surge. In its first two weeks, the game has proved wildly popular, becoming the most downloaded app in the Android and iTunes app stores.

If you're not at least vaguely familiar with the revolutionary concept, then congratulations, you live under a rock. But basically, the game uses augmented reality to make Pokémon appear live in your surroundings when you view the world through the app. So, naturally, with over 7.5 million downloads, the game has many users running about with their phones in front of their faces, creating not only some serious distracted walking, but also bringing the most dedicated players into interesting places and situations.

While you were out trying to be the very best, here are some things you may have missed:

1. A player discovered a dead body while exploring the Big Wind River in Wyoming, trying to capture a water Pokémon.

2. "Pokemon Go raises safety concerns after people walk into trees and revolving doors."

See why this is so funny here.

3. Two users fell off of a cliff in pursuit of a rare Pokemon.

If your friend told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? How about if your Pokemon did?

4. Police in Missouri say teens used Pokemon Go to rob victims.

Did they use an incense?

5. A man's house was accidentally turned into a 'gym', creating uninvited visitors to show up at others' houses at all hours.

Poor Boon, for having strangers arrive at your house at 2 in the morning, but also for having the name Boon.

6. A man shot at Pokemon Go players, thinking they were thieves.

8. There was a major highway accident after a man stopped in the middle of a highway to catch Pikachu.

9. Jon Jon caught that Pikachu, and this ticket.

10. Officer Jenny thought this player was putting people in danger, when in reality the other thing in danger was his sex life.

11. But she wasn't the only one who mistook Pokemon trainers for creeps.

12. And those creeps reside in this van.

13. Seriously, this game takes people to unusual places.

14. Like this murder house.

15. And in the delivery room.

16. And to a funeral.

17. To a police station.

18. Even to the Holocaust Museum.

Jew've got to be kidding me. Seriously though, please refrain from playing the game in areas of memoriam.

19. And Church.

Pokemon Go has even started taking action to support the LGBT community.

Remember to be careful and safe when trying to catch 'em all!

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