Unauthorized, Unethical Plastic Surgery Must Stop ‬
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Unauthorized Plastic Surgery Is Totally Unethical, And Happening WAY More Often Than We Know ‬

Plastic surgery for cosmetic enhancements has you looking more botched than beautiful and it’s painful to see.

Unauthorized Plastic Surgery Is Totally Unethical, And Happening WAY More Often Than We Know ‬

Coming from someone who could afford numerous cosmetic enhancing procedures I would never in a million years cut up my face or my body. I'm pretty emphatic and when I watch these brainwashed victims with bandages and chronic inflammation (swollen lips) I literally feel their pain.

For years, I never understood how the lack of compassion towards yourself could be enough to put you through invasive surgery to supposedly make you look better. To me, none of this adds up. I had to dig a little deeper and what I found wasn't reassuring at all.

Women have died from complications in plastic surgery from having too many cosmetic enhancements.

You read that exactly right. Yes, women are dying from plastic surgery.

For those of you who have no medical background or have no knowledge in basic biology, I highly recommend learning about what happens to your body when it is undergoing plastic surgery. Your body needs serious time to recover and most of the time you're on a liquid diet where you can end up losing a lot of healthy weight.

Most women do not take the recovery period post-surgery seriously because their priorities are to look good.

Being socially accepted has somehow replaced the flow of genuine compassion towards themselves.

To those who are under the impression that plastic surgery is a necessity given their seriousness to the occurrence of these procedures. The root of the cosmetic enhancement industry is glorifying the lack of self-love and placing accolades on the final look after surgery. As if it's some endless grand finale and not a medical treatment.

Initially, plastic surgery stemmed from the medical realm to help patients with detrimental born anomalies. Breast cancer is an exceptional example of when plastic surgery is used as a form of treatment especially for those women who are still childbearing and need to breastfeed.

Nowadays, there are plastic surgeons with no appropriate knowledge on nasal airway pathways who perform "famous nose jobs". What's a "famous nose job", you ask? It's a nose job that changes the shape of your nose to make it look a certain way.

It cuts off your airways and you can't breathe.

Moving on, these inept plastic surgeons attack women who naturally have somewhat symmetry to their physique and somehow take responsibility for a naturally beautiful women's aesthetic appeal. In other words, plastic surgeons claim women's natural beauty to validate their unethical practices.

For some reason, social media runs with it because it's an almost scandal. I don't understand how a woman going in for plastic surgery is a scandal but harmful plastic surgery that is completely unethical is not the scandal.

Here's the real scandal.

Unauthorized plastic surgery for minor enhancements through invasive procedures with serious complications is the real scandal. Attacking naturally beautiful women and hypothetically indicating the placement of cosmetic surgery is outright slander.

Insinuating that these naturally beautiful women are glowingly healthy even supposedly undergoing these toxic chemically based enhancements is a public health emergency.

There needs to be a thorough public health policy involving litigation of practice.

It should be deemed illegal for plastic surgeons who are also not certified ENT doctors to perform nose jobs. Early death due to cosmetic surgery is not a sign of high class. Your intelligence and activism is your sign of high class. Your understanding of compassion towards yourself signifies high class.

Most of all, cosmetic enhancements are short-term. Most plastic surgery needs « touch-ups » because the chemicals are washed out of your body. When you need a touch up for your cosmetic surgery it's so dire because you end up looking worse than you did before.

That's why women end up getting sucked into cosmetic procedures. By the time you get your follow up phone call for your touch up you look in the mirror and see how awful the toxic chemicals have left you looking that it seems like there's no other choice but to go back.

This is why weaponizing plastic surgery against naturally beautiful women is a careless marketing scheme. It takes 1 phone to book your lifetime of endless follow-up appointments to avoid looking so obviously botched from plastic surgery. I hope this was able to reach out to whoever needed to read this.

Let's be more careful on what we advertise a scandal it's more scandalous to report the truth than the almost truth.

Talk public health policy, talk to your senators, talk to your local newspapers. Be sure to share a genuine compliment today with anyone even a sweet stranger.

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