Underrated YouTube Beauty Bloggers Part 4

Underrated YouTube Beauty Bloggers Part 4

Beauty Tips and Tricks Provided by Talented Women


I'd like to introduce a few more YouTube beauty bloggers who deserve a larger count of subscribers. These bloggers offer unbiased reviews, makeup tutorials that are easy to follow, and do "in-my-life" videos that are very empowering. Some of these bloggers are bilingual (Spanish/English) and own their own beauty line.

YouTube Beauty Bloggers

SLMissGlam: Stephanie Lewis is a Canadian blogger. She is of mixed ancestry, half Chinese and half Caucasian. Steph has beautiful brown wavy hair. She does unbiased reviews of makeup brands such as L'oreal, Too Faced, and Milani. She's an expert in making organizational room videos. Her get-ready-with-me videos give us ideas on how to get ready in the morning quickly and beautifully. She is the owner of SLMissGlam cosmetics. In her beauty line, SL has beauty brush books with 25 synthetic, handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free, made in the U.S.A. brushes. SLMissGlam brush books have had a great acceptance into the beauty world due to their unique design (inspired by candies, mermaids, unicorns), and lifetime guarantee.

GuatemalanHotMama1: Cindy is a certified makeup artist originally from Guatemala who lives in California. She's been part of many beauty seminars as the leading makeup artist. Cindy creates the most beautiful colorful eye looks under ten minutes in her GRWM videos. She uses affordable makeup mostly to create her makeup looks. In her channel, she's performed outstanding makeover to women that are gorgeous. She's been featured in Access Total on Telemundo's channel. Last year, Cindy collaborated with BeBellaCosmetics.com to design and create her own makeup palette. This palette has a total of 35 highly pigmented 1.3 grams eyeshadows for only 24.99.

Aurora Amor Por El Maquillaje: Aurora who's known as Auroramakeup too, is a Mexican woman who does videos in Spanish with English subtitles. Aurora, just like Cindy, is amazing when it comes to creating extremely beautiful eye looks. In her makeup tutorials, she wears eye contacts and wigs to give an idea to the viewer on how a certain makeup style would like on someone from a different ethnicity. She's very soft-spoken and has a sweet personality. She does outfits of the days videos as well.

Queenie RozenBlad: Queenie is a dark-skinned lady from Guyana. In her channel, she does cooking videos, live videos, GRWM videos, and has recorded a few makeup looks appropriate for Muslim religious celebrations. She is a beauty ambassador for Black Opal cosmetics. Black Opal is a makeup brand designated for darker skin women. Queenie is very nice, and answer to all her subscribers' questions on her live videos, where she shares her life as a mother and a devoted wife.

BeautywithEmilyFox: Emily is a French-Canadian young woman. She has a beautiful accent and her reviews are very clear. She's mostly known for swatching newly released collections of lip products. Whenever a new lip product collection is released into the makeup world, Emily would review and swatch on her lips in its entirety. She does OOTD videos, and makeup tutorials too. If, you're ever looking to know how a lip color would look on yourself, check out her channel.

KawaiiDoll1: Paola who used to go by the username JuanCarlos960, is a Peruvian with Japanese ancestry. She's a mother of three little girls and has been blogging since 2008. Pao is a self-taught makeup artist, she does makeup on others and on herself as well. Just like Aurora and Cindy, she's excellent at creating bold-eye looks. She's great at blending different colors when creating her looks. She collaborated with YCcollection.net to create a limited edition trio of liquid lipsticks, which she named after her daughters.

So, stay tuned for more YT bloggers recommendations, these ladies are a must watch due to their honesty and creative content.

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