Unbreakable: Slow Burning Psychology

Unbreakable: Slow Burning Psychology

Why you should watch M Night Shyamalan's superhero thriller

If you haven’t seen this film, you may have heard about it from the ending scene of Shyamalan's film “Split”:

A man in a diner looks at someone chatting about a guy in a wheelchair.

"What did they call him?" the person asks.

“Mr. Glass,” the man answers, then slowly sips his coffee.

This is David Dunn. Husband, father, security guard and superhero.

Released in 2000, “Unbreakable” follows David as he miraculously survives a train crash and tries to figure out how he survived without getting a single scratch.

Elijah Price, a comic book gallery owner born with brittle bones, approaches David and suggests that the truth may be he has unusual powers.

Like “Darkman,” “Unbreakable” fuses superheroes with another genre -- in this case, thrillers.

The story unfolds more like a Hitchcock movie than like anything else, with many scenes being nothing but mind games and people trying to figure out their relationships.

Unlike “Darkman,” this movie isn’t about crossing two genres and seeing how they inform each other.

“Unbreakable” is about stripping a superhero’s origin of almost everything we associate with it, to focus on just one aspect.

There are very few action scenes in “Unbreakable,” and when they arrive they’re pretty low maintenance for a superhero film.

The cinematography has a minimalist feel, except in some scenes where David discovers his latent telepathy powers.

The pace is slow and sometimes has no dialogue, much like the Kansas scenes in Richard Donner’s movie “Superman.”

What’s left in a superhero story without explosions and comic timing then?

Psychology. Mythology.

As Elijah says during his first meeting with David, comic books can be seen as a form of pictographs, like the hieroglyphics ancient Egyptians used to tell stories.

Many of those Egyptian stories were about mythological heroes, people with otherworldly powers.

David Dunn has to figure out if he’s like that, a seemingly normal person with godlike abilities.

Like the Dark Knight trilogy, "Unbreakable" asks, “what does it look like being a superhero in the real world?”

What’s it mean to be godlike in a world of mortals?

How do your abilities affect your family?

Do you have to use your powers to do extraordinary things or can you live a normal life?

As we watch David discover his powers and how that affects people around him, we explore all these questions.

“Let’s think about what it means to be a god,” the movie seems to say. “Let’s not talk too much, let’s just think about it. Ruminate on it. Savor the sheer awesomeness of that idea.”

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Musical Theatre Characters as College Majors

What would Evan Hansen study at school?

Not many musicals take place in a university setting, but what would happen if our favorite characters decided to go to college? What would they major in?

1. Nursing-Eliza Schuyler Hamilton from "Hamilton"

If I had to pick one person to take care of me when I'm sick, it'd be Eliza. She's incredibly patient and caring and would be great in a caregiving role, but she also possesses the smarts and motivation to succeed in such a challenging major.

2. Engineering-Willy Wonka from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

He's already created a wondrous candy factory. If Willy Wonka learned the mechanics behind engineering, his imagination would reach new levels.

3. Education-Maria from "The Sound of Music"

Patient, compassionate, intelligent, and selfless...what more could you want in a future educator?

4. Music-Christine from "Phantom of the Opera"

Beautiful soprano voice + passionate and drive = successful music major.

5. Psychology-Natalie from "Next to Normal"

Natalie has grown up with a mother suffering from bipolar disorder and a father coping with depression. Mental health is close to her heart, I'm sure, and I think she would want to contribute to the important field of psychology.

6. Business-Harold Hill from "The Music Man"

So, maybe his first business venture isn't exactly ethical, but obviously he has drive and passion, so that's a good start!

7. Communications-Katherine Plumber from "Newsies"

Let's face it, this girl knows how to make a difference by spreading the word. After organizing a huge strike, I'm sure she's more than prepared to head into the world of communications.

8. Computer Science- Evan Hansen from "Dear Evan Hansen"

Evan is intelligent and he's obviously learned his lesson about the powers of technology. I think his skills would best be used in a forward-thinking career like this one.

9. Political Science-Tracy from "Hairspray"

Tracy is determined, inspiring, courageous, and a dreamer. There's a variety of things you can do with a political science degree, but if Tracy ever decided to run for office, I'd vote for her.

10. English- Belle from "Beauty and the Beast"

Well, she obviously loves to read and has a great understanding of the English language. Belle would thrive in the English department and whether she went on to be an editor, journalist, teacher, writer, or anything else, she'd be great!

11. Theatre-Glinda from "Wicked"

Have you ever met someone so perfect for the stage? Glinda is confident and charming on the surface, yet thoughtful and compassionate underneath. She has the work ethic, talent, and passion needed to succeed in such a competitive career.

12. Biology-Frederick Frankenstein from "Young Frankenstein"

He may already be a scientist, but he definitely would love to learn more about biology.

13. Visual Arts-Jack from "Into the Woods"

Artists need to be equal parts creative and critical thinkers. I think Jack would be fantastic in an art major because he cares about others but is also clever.

Honorable Mention: Joan-Medium Alison from "Fun Home"

Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

Cover Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter

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A Collection Of Poems

A collection of poems that I have written.

I have always liked writing poetry, so I have decided to share a couple of my favorite poems that I have written. They are pretty short, but I hope you all enjoy!

A simple touch

A kind word

Is all someone might need

To feel alive, to feel anything at all

The feeling that lingers

Always in the back of your mind

Rides through the day with you unaware

Until night when it flies into your dreams

Sometimes the unknown is the scariest of all

You know the past and you know the present

But the future, the unknown, continues to loom in your path

Until one day you walk right into it

And realize you still don’t know what you want

Truth flies in the wind,

Eager to set the story straight

While lies come swooping in like vultures,

Determined to seize those want to be free.

The petals on a flower,

Delicate like the mind.

People insist on picking those flowers and picking on your mind.

Why can’t people believe that the mind is beautiful like flowers?

Why do we have so much hate?

Cover Image Credit: Leah Perrino

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