The Ultimate AP Vine Exam That Will Make Sure Any Kyle Steps Up His Vine Memory Game

The Ultimate AP Vine Exam That Will Make Sure Any Kyle Steps Up His Vine Memory Game

It may have been more than a year since Vine died, but the legacy it's left behind will forever live on.

In honor of Vine 2 coming out eventually, it's about time we take a second to test our knowledge of the most popular Vine videos. So if you (or someone you know) believe there's no vine you haven't conquered, it's time to bring your A-game. So without further adieu, here's the ultimate Vine test to see how well you really know your Vine history.

1. Which Viner would go around and narrate people's lives?

The answer you're looking for here is Thomas Sanders. He's also known for doing his shout-out vines and Disney references!

2. Who needs to "get it together" because of the upcoming competition?

Patricia! Get it together, sweetie!

3. What was the flavor of the ice cream this excited girl was holding?

Chocolate vanilla swirl with cookie crunch, please!

4. What fruit does life give you?

Even if you don't know the vine, you should know that life tends to give you lemons.

5. What does Kyle need to do for his extremely angry friend?

Whatever Kyle's done to make his friend so angry, he really needs to step it up.

6. What article of clothing must you clarify to someone who points at it and asks what it is?

Remember this terrible phase of Vine? When people would point at others' shoes and ask, "What are those?"

7. What is nine plus 10?

Forget what your math teacher told you. It's 21.

8. What song did Ruth B. release after a vine of it went viral?

It's called "Lost Boy," and it's really catchy! Just thinking about it for two seconds makes me think about it all day.

9. When asked if he misses his mom, how does this little boy react to the reporter's question?

He actually starts crying! Poor kid.

10. What food does this baby cover itself in?

You guessed it: peanut butter. It's one crazy video, but it's impossible not to watch it on loop.

11. What food does she smell like?

She's adamant in her stance. She smells like beef.

12. What does this kid get for Christmas? What is his response?

It's an avocado! Thanks.

13. What song is Chloe dancing to here?

It's a classic: "Take On Me" by a-ha!

14. What movie does a kid sing a song from after putting on his grandma's wig?

He starts singing from the movie "Dreamgirls," and boy, does he do it well.

15. What does a younger sibling slam into after being hit by an exercise ball?

He actually slams into the window shutters behind him so had that you can hear a loud "smack" as soon as he does. Ouch.

16. Who did Rebecca see her hanging out with the other day?

She saw her hanging out with Kaitlyn the other day. But Rebecca, it's not what you think!

17. Who does this kid sing with?

He sings with the mailman! It's a really cute vine.

18. He has never been to...

Umm, he never went to... "oovoo javer."

19. What does he warn children about in this exhibit?

That's a lot of sodium!

20. Finish the lyrics: "It's me, Jessie and Ari..."

"If we... if they test me, they sorry." This is my favorite remix of the song.

21. What does Trey have tomorrow?

A basketball game! He's point guard, too.

22. She knows more about this topic than you.

She's the new face of American Girl, and she could put your trivia game on these dolls in the ground.

23. Poor Raven can't do this on her birthday.

She can't swim! But happy birthday, Raven!

24. He wants to see his little boy, but what animal is his little boy?

It's a cat. Disappointing.

25. Which Muppet became a Vine star?

Kermit is probably my favorite Vine star, but that's just my opinion.

26. In the grocery store, this lady wants to know if this animal is real.

A toy rat! This one is a classic.

27. Who wants to be a cowboy, baby?

The old man does! But why does he say it two times?

28. What is this boy's secret identity?

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

29. What letter does Michael have in his name?

Stop, stop, stop. Where's the "B?"

30. What does this boy say the other one "got"?

He got "eggs-ma."

31. What fun game does this girl suddenly become a part of?

Wii Sports Bowling has never looked more entertaining!

Cover Image Credit: YouTube / Dsqueglia 10

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A Step By Step Of How Your Thanksgiving Will Actually Go

Every year we think it will go differently, and yet...


It's pre-Christmas, and it will be a day of stress, love, and wonderful food.

1. You wake up to the sounds of a parent slamming pots and pans on the counter top


It is time. The day has begun and your mom or dad will start yelling for you any minute.

2. You finally make it downstairs and you're assigned your tasks before family arrives


There will be the "Make this table," or the "Dust the entire house because your cousins are coming and they won't notice but your aunt sure will. Oh, and please stay out of the kitchen." You know, the usual.

3. You try to eat breakfast and lunch but honestly you can not WAIT for dinner tonight and the smells coming from the kitchen are overwhelming


What are we celebrating again? I'm just excited to eat.

4. You rush and make your way to the grocery store at least once (maybe twice) because your parents can't leave the kitchen


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