15 Pairs Of Shoes That Belong In The Ugly Shoe Closet Of Fame

15 Pairs Of Shoes That Belong In The Ugly Shoe Closet Of Fame

Comfort ain’t always pretty, y’all.

Bare with me here, I know what you’re about to see will disgust you and you will say “ew” for every single one, but you’ll probably end up laughing because you’ll realize that the joke is on you, pal. Growing up, we can honestly say we had the worst taste in shoes. From when our parents dressed us as just little babies leading to present day, we have experienced some pretty bad shoe style.

And I mean BAD. Not badass. B.A.D.

C’mon. Don’t lie, you know you’ve owned at least 5 of these. And if I’m being completely honest, I have several of these in my closet to this day. Plus, I bet there are many more to come! Comfort ain’t always pretty, y’all. So here you have it, The Ugly Shoe Closet of Fame.

1. Moccasins

Okay, so they’re comfy. But seriously? These look like slippers, so maybe contain yourself to wearing them solely around your house.

2. Air Maxes

We all owned these throughout our middle school days, but it wasn’t for the purpose that you usually would buy sneakers for. We got these so we’d be tall. Just admit it.

3. Sperrys

Comfy, smelly, and ever so gross looking. These were our go to shoes to wear with that trend of a sweatshirt with yoga pants. And just about every frat boy owns them.

4. Gladiators

They began as just strappy shoes on the feet, but then they inched up the leg to your knee. The style only lasted a summer, but let’s be real, you felt hot af when you wore them.

5. Chacos

Meant for hiking but have been your go to sorority and adventure shoe ever since you got them. In the summer, you even have tried to get the straps to be tan lines on your feet. How attractive.

6. Ugg Boots

Okay y’all, not going to lie. These are incredibly comfy. But if you wear them nowadays, you still look like that middle school girl or that freshman in high school. You felt like a wealthy child when you wore these, and if you had the sparkly ones, everyone gave you crap, but they secretly wanted to be you.

7. Crocs

Unbearable to look at for some, but extremely comfortable for others. You owned a pair of these in elementary school, probably ones that were tie dye or very vibrant, and that strap definitely came in handy came recess time. Those who own them to this day, get a load of crap every time they wear them, but they are proud of their Crocs.

8. Clogs

These are not to be confused with the sandals that are very in right now. Their time has not come. The clogs have made it to the Closet of Fame, and for very good reason. Think of all the pain they caused when your foot accidentally slid back and you stepped on the heel of the shoe. That was terrible.

9. Platform Boots

I’ve never really understood why these were a thing, but some people really did rock them. Mostly short people. Which is why they needed a platform.

10. Saddle Shoes

None other than shoes that look like tap dance shoes. Glad I was never an owner of these. They should get their own spot in the closet… called unbearably no bueno.

11. Hiking Boots

We get it. If you hike, you need these. But seriously. Don’t wear them outside of that element. They just are not cute ok?! And they probably have mud and gross outdoor things on them that you should not track inside. Stay outside and wear them with the bears.

12. Timberlands

Yeah, I’m just gonna give these a hard pass… into the closet. Never have I ever considered owning a pair of these. And if you are an owner, wear them for yard work because that’s what they look like. Yard work shoes. Not the type of shoe to spend a ton of money on and wear once for that specific outfit. No thanks.

13. Sketcher Sneakers

You bet your bottom dollar we all owned these in elementary school. These shoes made us fast, and we have lost our speed due to the fact that they have retired into the closet. Where they should stay. We should just learn that running fast has to do with ourselves not shoes.

14. Mary Janes

Oh, the name. So similar to something that is completely not related to them. These were the shoes our parents dressed us in though. Ugly as hell and a typical little girl shoe, these have got to go. Forever. Bye.

15. Puma Sneakers

Yet another shoe that if you owned these in elementary school, you were cool. They had to have the logo on there though. If they didn’t, were they really Pumas? And were you really cool?

Cover Image Credit: Lucky Otters Haven

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11 Things You Know To Be True If You Have A Big Booty

Yes, I know you like big butts and you cannot lie.

Having a big butt has its ups and its downs. For example, I love being confident in my body and looking great in the clothes I wear, but finding clothes that actually fit is a problem. With everyone trying to look like a Kardashian, big butts are all the rage, but it's not always all that it's cracked up to be!

1. All bathing suit bottoms are cheeky.

I have to get a pair of bottoms two sizes bigger than I have to get a top. Even when I do that, the bottoms still look cheeky. Imagine what actual cheeky bottoms look like. *blushing emoji*

2. Shorts? Also cheeky.

I love a cute pair of short shorts, but no matter the size, they're just going to ride up. I'll be spending most of the time worrying about pulling my shorts down. Why can't I look cute and be comfortable????

3. Trying to squeeze through a tight area is nearly impossible.

Stomachs can be sucked in when it comes to squeezing through. You can't suck in your butt when your trying to get through. Most of the time, it's like a bull in a china shop that takes out everything and everyone in its path.

4. Shopping for jeans is a nightmare.

People complain that my jeans look painted on, but if I got them any bigger, they'd hang off of my waist. If they fit in the butt, they don't fit in the waist. And the fit in the thighs are a whole different story. You can't have it all.

5. When you finally do get that perfect pair of jeans, this happens.

All I have to say is, UGH!!!


Debatably the biggest con to having a big butt. I have to pick out a wedgie at least twelve times a day. The day I can find a pair of underwear or an outfit that doesn't get lost in my cheeks will be the day I can die happily.

7. People automatically assume you can dance.

Some girls with big butts know how to move them. I am not one of those girls. My butt size and my ability to dance are totally unrelated. I may look like I know how to move, but my lack of coordination and rhythm will tell you a different story.

8. Your butt is always used as a pillow.

I've come to terms with the fact that my butt doubles as a comfy lying place for people's heads. I'm glad that I can be of service.

9. Bodycon dresses are a blessing and a curse.

You definitely have the Kardashian look going on in a bodycon dress, which is a major plus. That is, until you try to bend over or lift your arms at all. Then, you give everyone in the room an all access pass to Flashville. Sorry to all the people who have seen parts of me they might not have wanted to when I've dropped my phone.

10. You know every word to songs about big butts.

From "Baby Got Back" to "Fat Bottomed Girls" to "Bootylicious," lyrics about big butts are so relatable. You can catch me rapping/singing every word when one of these songs come on.

11. How you feel knowing big butts are finally the trend...

My whole life, I wanted to be the skinny girl with the perfect body because that's what everyone thought was beautiful. I spent years hating my body, specifically my butt, because I wasn't shaped like the girls in the magazines. Finally, society accepts girls with bodies like mine and I couldn't be happier! But, what I've learned over the years is that all shapes and sizes are beautiful as long as I'm happy with myself.

It's a blessing and a curse (but mostly, a blessing). IF YOU GOT IT, FLAUNT IT!

Cover Image Credit: Jessica Edwards

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Dear Freshmen, Your First Lesson Is To Know That Fall Semester Is 100 Times Better Than Spring Semester​

Fact: Fall is just better.


As I look back on freshman year and recount all of the incredible memories I've made in a completely new state with completely new people, I've found that the vast majority of my stereotypical college memories come from the fall semester. After extensive research: here is why fall semester is 100 times better than the spring semester.

1. The classes are easier

Photo by sean Kong on Unsplash

No matter what year of college you are in, it tends to be the case that fall semester is built for your intro classes and spring is meant to build on that introductory knowledge. For example, Physics 1 in the fall to Physics 2 in the spring. Whether you are studying Genetics, Engineering, Mathematics, Women's and Gender Studies, English, or Foreign Relations, there will always be "Intro then Build" across the fall and spring semesters. Along with the build on the level of academia, the coursework, participation, and requirements outside of the classroom for each lecture increase as well. This takes a lot out of you during the spring semester. Especially if your fall semester was a breeze.

2. Spring brings rain and allergies


I have lived in New York for my whole life. Snow up to my knees, dreary winter skies, and generally feeling grey are normal emotions for me. But never ever had I experienced seasonal depression quite like the one I experienced this spring in North Carolina. It rained sooooo much this year at NC State that at one point, I couldn't remember the last time I had seen the sun.

On top of that, the pollen count was through the roof. Everyone I knew from out of state had never experienced allergies like it. We were all sneezing, coughing, and rubbing our eyes like crazy due to the sheer amount of pollen coating everything around us. Did this happen in the fall? No. During the fall semester, I could be outside enjoying an afternoon for more than 20 seconds without sneezing my brains out or getting all of my clothes sopping wet. Now you tell me spring sounds better than fall after that killer review.

3. Football


If you go to a true southern school as I do, you understand the withdrawals that follow football season. No tailgate beer Ball? No tailgate clothes? No tailgate at all?!? Spring is just the worst. And do NOT try to convince me basketball is the same. It is not. Basketball fans are a completely different breed of crazy. On top of which, rooting for your school's team is much easier to do when you're in the sun at 3 pm coming off a fresh tailgate buzz than when you're in a sticky stadium at 10 pm fresh out of your stats exam.

4. In spring, you're expected to understand the balance


By Spring semester, especially freshman year, your parents, friends, and extended family all expect you to have a firm grasp on what you need to do to succeed. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

As mentioned previously, your classes spring semester will build on your knowledge from the fall and when it hits you like a freight train freshman year, your new balance between work, school, and friends is out the window. Suddenly your super fun date function becomes rediculous amounts of ice cream during your date with Calc 2.

As much as you'll pretend it doesn't bother you after three weekends in a row, you'll slowly start to lose your marbles. But don't fret! If you and your friends all come up with study dates together or make Wednesday "Nails at Lauren's Night," there's nothing to be afraid of.

5. Fall has more breaks


I learned the hard way this year why so many college kids go absolutely buck-wild during spring break. It's because there are NO OTHER FREAKING BREAKS DURING SPRING SEMESTER. I totally missed the boat on this one.

Yes, my friends and I went on vacation for spring break and we had a lot of fun. We decided to be lowkey about spring break though. In other words, we didn't get piss drunk every night in Florida. And while I enjoyed my first spring break as a college student, I now understand why it tends to get crazy. In between harder classes, less time to let loose, and just generally trying to get your shit together, spring break allows most students to finally feel free again. Just like football does for us in the fall.

6. The freshman fall freshness


In your freshman fall, literally EVERYTHING is new. New faces, new town, new room, new environment, new study spaces, new food options. Everything from what you knew back at home in high school is completely different. And if you're like me, you take the whole fall to experience everything at least once.

When you come back to school for the spring and you have to experience all that amazing stuff without the fall freshman haze, things are less shiny. On-campus food gets old and gross real quick, people from your dorm get more and more annoying, and all the familiar faces suddenly seem too familiar. The overload of feelings and emotions your freshman fall will never ever compare to any semester following making your freshman spring seem even more gloomy and sad.

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