Weird Trends From The Early 2000s
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11 Early 2000s Trends That Deserved Their Deaths

Frosted tips? No thanks.

11 Early 2000s Trends That Deserved Their Deaths

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Well, if we're talking about the early 200s, and we're talking about fashion, it was undeniably the worst of times. Some of the darkest days in fashion--here are 11 of the worst trends.

1. Shiny pants

Especially shiny cargo pants. I have PTSD.

2. Sweatbands

I get it when it comes to working out, but whoever decided this would be a good day-to-day look?

3. Neckties as belts

The cringe. Why did we think we were being edgy?

4. Anything a member of *NSYNC has ever done with their hair

From the infamous frosted tips to the streaky highlights, there were no good decisions here.

5. Anything Avril Lavigne has ever worn

This needs no explanation.

6. Army pants (and flip flops)

The only reason you would catch me in these is because Cady Heron did it first.

7. Frosted lip gloss

The worst part was your face-framing layers getting stuck in the gloss.

8. Layering clothes unnecessarily

Tank tops, off-the-shoulder shirts...why did we crush our bodies with all of these weird combos?

9. Lace-up jeans

Throw lace-up jeans in with bedazzled pockets for all the terrible things that happened to denim.

10. Livestrong bracelets

People would wear these to prom. What was their appeal?

11. Popcorn shirts

I have almost visceral reactions to the texture of these. Nobody is looking at a popcorn shirt with fondness.

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