My Top 10 TWRP Songs
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My Top 10 TWRP Songs

A countdown to the best.

My Top 10 TWRP Songs
Elizabeth Owens

Allow me to open your eyes to a whole new world of music. One of my favorite bands has recently dropped a new album titled “Together Through Time”, and it inspired me to look back on some of my favorites of theirs. TWRP is an 80s-inspired rock band with four members – Havve Hogan on drums, Commander Meouch on bass, Lord Phobos on guitar, and, my personal favorite, Doctor Sung on synth and vocals (see photo below). Here’s a countdown of my top ten favorite songs by TWRP, ending with my all-time favorite.

10. "Groove Crusaders"

From the album Guardians Of The Zone, this song features Arin Hanson as a narrator. It’s one of my favorites because it’s such an iconic jam of theirs. This is the song that a fan can look at and use to name themselves. My Instagram bio actually says Groove Crusader, because I feel it’s a way to identify myself as an avid listener of TWRP.

9. "Prismatic Core"

This is from their first album, 2nite. It features samples from the 2010 videogame Starcraft 2, which gives it an apocalyptic vibe. I like to listen to this song when I’m walking to class early in the morning and need motivation – it makes me feel like a badass.

Enjoy this photo of Commander Meouch above.

8. "Atomic Karate"

This is from their more recent album, Ladyworld. Once again, it features Arin Hanson for a wicked Japanese verse, as well as Ninja Brian from Ninja Sex Party on synth (NSP is another one of my favorite bands). This song is a little goofier, but I adore Doctor Sung’s synthesized voice (a result of his magical device called a talkbox).

7. "The Perfect Product"

A goofy track from their newest album, Together Through Time. Featuring JP Incorporated, this song has the feel of an infomercial you’d see at 3 AM. It revolves around a deliberately vague product being marketed as exactly what you need.

6. "Computer Wife"

This one is from The Device, an earlier album. It tells the story of the singer’s wife, who left him to go dancing, but he can’t even blame her because “that’s what [he] programmed her for.” Again, I’m a huge fan of Doctor Sung’s volcals in this one.

An older picture of the band:

5. "Life Party"

Another track from Together Through Time. This one has a good-vibes-feel to it – it starts with Doctor Sung talking to what sounds like a room full of people not paying him much attention. He goes on about how lucky we are to exist in this crazy world. This is a good listen if you’re ever feeling down (which I frequently am).

4. "No Pants Dance"

An iconic track from Guardians of the Zone featuring NSP. Any collab between TWRP and NSP is honestly an instant banger. I love Danny Sexbang’s vocals combined with the band’s synth-y style. This song is slightly goofy and is honestly the perfect mix of the vibes between the two bands.

3. "Phantom Racer"

This song is the most rock-n-roll track on the new album. It features Arin Hanson as a narrator (again), and he’s announcing a NASCAR-like race. A plot twist occurs when a mystery driver appears and starts taking out all the other racers. An interesting song, indeed.

2. "Starlight Brigade"

Probably one of the best tracks, if not THE best track from Together Through Time, in my opinion. This song features Danny Sexbang on vocals and tells the story of an epic group of space-knights out to save the universe. My favorite part is the bridge, where Doctor Sung comes in with the line “We have come so far”. It reminds me of my own struggles in life, and how I have to keep pushing forward.

An old photo of NSP:

1. "The Hit"

As a collaboration with NSP, this is one of the two tracks that introduced me to TWRP in the first place. Oh, god, how do you describe the perfect song? It’s got Danny Sexbang’s vocals, Doctor Sung’s vocals, a wicked guitar solo, the perfect build to a crescendo of music, and fun lyrics. I listen to this song constantly and have never gotten sick of it. Definitely my favorite song by either of the two bands.

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