This past week I have seen two general admission concerts of two of my favorite artists, the 1975 and Aly & AJ.

I had seen The 1975 in concert once before, back in May of 2017. About two years later, I saw them again on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, in Columbus, Ohio. Since they are my favorite band, I drove 7 hours to Columbus to go see them, but it was totally worth it. The thing about general admission concerts is that if you get there early enough you can get as close as possible to the stage. My friend and I arrived in line about an hour and a half early, and we were pretty close to the stage as you can see in this picture here: They played all of my favorite songs and really connected with the crowd which was super cool.

As for Aly and AJ, I saw them exactly one week after The 1975, on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, in Philadelphia, PA. This time it only took about an hour to drive since I live pretty close to Philly. If you don't know who they are, you may know the song Potential Breakup Song from over 10 years ago during their Disney Channel days. That was the very last song they played and the crowd went wild. It was a small little venue, it was called the Theater of Living Arts. This time we waited in line for maybe 20 minutes before the doors opened, and we were 3 rows away from the stage, you can see that in the cover picture above. I have never been so close at a concert before, especially to people that I look up to so much and that meant so much to me during my childhood. I think that's why this concert was so surreal to me.

Overall, I really think that general admission concerts are the way to go, you get to see some of your favorite artists and if you arrive early enough, you might get lucky enough to be super close to the stage like I was.